Cleaning Validation

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               Webinar on Cleaning Validation

Webinar category: QA/GMP/Regulatory Affairs

How clean is Clean ?

Cleaning Validation is documented evidence that an approved cleaning procedure will provide equipment which is suitable for processing of pharmaceutical products or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).” – PIC/S

Cleaning validation is assuring that the cleaning procedures are working.

Importance of cleaning validation:

  1. To ensure no cross contamination
  2. A Regulatory requirement.
  3. Assures quality in product being manufactured.

This webcast covers:

  1. Cleaning validation introduction.
  2. Elements of cleaning validation protocol.
  3. Recommendations for carrying a cleaning validation.

Webcast by

Aravind Sai, M.S (Australia) and Pradeep Mahakala , Deputy manager at Gland pharma , Hyderabad.


Sample Cleaning Validation Protocol

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Author: Aravindsai


Praveen Kumar Tavva's picture

Its good. i am waiting for Jan 20 to attend this workshop......
Ankur sood's picture

it is excellent . i am excited for attending this workshop.
Aditya's picture

Some thing different, but very important for practical skills, eagerly waiting for 20th jan

Regards,    D. V. S. N Aditya   

Event co-ordinator RCP

Jagadeesh's picture

Iam so eager to participate in such programmes because it is so helpful to our future carrier & also we can get good knowledge over the validation process once again thanks a lot for conducting this kind of programmes sir...


Mridula jayaraman's picture

just waiting for this workshop to start.

mridula jayaraman

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vanajaponnaganti's picture

i m waiting for this webinar on cleaning validation
Cyril Deepak Rai's picture

wanna atend dis....


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Sharath Chandra's picture

first of all let me thank aravind sir for organising such workshops and webinars which are very useful for the students.Eagerly waiting for the webinar....Warm wishes.....
Swaroop Kumar's picture

first of all let me tell thank to aravind sir & Pradeep Mahakala sir for organizing this type of workshops and webinars which are very helpful for the students & research scholar.we are waiting for this workshop.

swaroop kumar

leela's picture

Thanking you sirs for spending your invaluable time for us and for your great concerns
Harsh bansal's picture

hello sir, its really good part of knowledge. its very good for us... thank you

harsh bansal

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it will be really very knowledgeable. Thanks

Mukul Kogata

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very informative presentation..


Mridula jayaraman's picture

Dear Sir, Thank you for giving us an insight into what should 'real cleaning validation be'. This would help us while we join any industry or quality control experts in some organisation. Can I add one thing to this Sir? For manual cleaning validation process, not only supervision is necessary as sometimes the supervisor can also commit some mistake as human error is always possible in any field. So 'test checks' by authorised persons into the manual cleaning validation process would yield better results not only in terms of accuracy but also in terms of the fact as to whether the person who is doing the validation requires any training or the supervisor is competent enough to supervise. Test checks can also be done in automated process also just to see whether it is working properly. Do you agree Sir? Regards,

mridula jayaraman

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Aravindsai's picture

Thats what we tried to say in the last slides, about analysis.


Mridula jayaraman's picture

Dear Sir, Thank you very much, Regards,

mridula jayaraman

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Seema Meena's picture

Dear Sir, I am a lecturer. Sometime chromatographic results of our students are not upto the mark because of error due to the cleaning process not done properly. Our students also do not understand the importance of proper cleaning of apparatus etc. Only when they learn the procedure properly in college, they can apply it to the industry which they join. Your presentation has just demonstrated that. You have clearly explained all the aspects regarding the issue. However, Sir, do add some comments as to what our students should do in their college life also so that they are prepare to validate when they become professionals so that your message gets conveyed to them in a clear cut and precise form and they learn from it. Regards,


Aravindsai's picture

The principles doesn't change though it is a university laboratory or industrial. Implementing cleaning validation at college is a challenge, but not impossible. IMPACT: Major impact is "cross contamination" if the cleaning is validated. As a result the chromatographic results will be of contaminated product rather than of the product you are trying to measure. To do a cleaning validation at your laboratory suggest your students to: 1) Calucalate Maximum allowable carry over (or how much residue of the earlier process would impact the results of the next experiment) MAC check this link. 2)Considering the equipment design, define the sampling points. 3)Conduct analysis of cleanliness with suitable equipment available in your laboratory. "However to document your cleaning validation you need follow all the recommendations explained in the presentation".


Seema Meena's picture

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your valuable information using which our students will definitely benefit. Regards,


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Dear Sir i think its a very basic and informative information on this kind of topic.

Barkat A Khan PhD

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