Opportunity to be a Gandhi, Bose,Bhagat singh in this life time......................................Independence Day special

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Friends as u know we got freedom on 15th august 1947, but questions are always asked regarding our idea & importance of freedom for us. Did we achieve what we were set to achieve in 1947? Are we valuing this freedom? Are we not disrespecting all the people who sacrificed their lives for this precious asset? Country is suffering from unprecedented amount of corruption (everybody heard Commonwealth Games)..............reason ......our political leadership & bureaucracy...........so lets fight this by choosing (VOTING) the right leader in the Government which we are lacking at the moment! Today we can strive to get freedom from indiscipline,selfishness,intolerance,careless approach towards life. If we try to achieve these, nation would ultimately achieve its target. Let's try to cultivate the culture of patriotism & executing it (with action & without any conflict of interest). This may need a revolution but this brings you the opportunity to be Future GANDHI, BOSE who ll be remembered by the upcoming generations. Any further description or action plan????

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Author: Vikas Aggarwal


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Dear Mr. Vikas Agarwal You have raised a very pertinent point. Yes, we have a number of ills. Just as in a person's life, at different stages , different issues turn up, so is the case of a nation. IT is a nation with more than a billion people, struggling to get itself developed. So there will be problems, most problems are because of overpoppulation, illiteracy and ignorance and poverty. If we all decide to work with integrity and succeed with integrity and live as members of a nation, then slowly problems will go. You brought up a good topic, very good. All the best. vijaya Ratna
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Dear Vikas, The points you have raised are interesting and I agree with them to most of the extent, especially as you mentioned "Today we can strive to get freedom from indiscipline,selfishness,intolerance,careless approach towards life. " Yes, this needs to be struggle and a fight on everyday to bring a better india. And i believe, that everyone should feel the importance and instead of waiting for change from some direction, YOu should bring the CHANGE and YOU be that change. It may be as simple as stopping at RED signle while everyone just go without stopping.
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Good action plan Kranthi, An indivisual response towards social responsibility for future INDIA...
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Sir, It is the time where we have to fight for our actual freedom from these inborn evils. What do you think can be done by us so that we make these people realise that we need freedom?


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