September forecast~~~ Downpour of Knowledge...........

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Dear friends,

The details of our activities in the month of September are as follows:

Book Pages:

Leader: Phase Rule
Santosh:Faraday-Tyndall effect
Niklesh:Van't Hoff and Morse Equation
Kranthi:Proton balance equation

Blog Pages:

Leader: Patient Counselling- General issues
Santosh:Patient Counselling on Analgesics
Niklesh:Patient Counselling on Antibiotics
Kranthi:Patient Counselling on Cold and Cough medications

TED Talk:
Richard St. John's - 8 secrets of success.

In addition we will be writing snippets on therapeutic issues extracted from journals like American Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Journal of therapeutics.


About the Author

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dr. Vijaya Ratna Jayanthi serving Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as Chairman, Pharmaceutical Technology Department.

Dr. J. Vijaya Ratna did her B.Pharm (1977), M.Pharm (1979), PGDAS (1981) and Ph.D (1998) at Andhra University Campus and won "M.L. Khorana Gold Medal" for standing University FIRST in graduation.


P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear madam, Im jus waitin for those blogs from you and your team....Lets really hope There is huge downpour of knowledge this month. Regards,


Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Abhigna I am sorry but I could not really participate in the show as I wished to do, because of a very hectic schedule in my college. I hope to do better next month. Vijaya Ratna
S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Your topics will improve the basic physics a lot. Thanks for providing the basics once again.
spandananunna's picture

Intresting Topics. Hope our basics about physics will be refreshed.
TK Indira's picture

Useful basics. I still couldnt understand phase rule and all that. Hope ur team do the justification and help me out in understanding.

T.K. Indira.

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

Uma Pratyusha's picture

Dear madam, This months topics though appear to be known but I feel i need to brush them up and thanks for that!


Uma Prathyusha

kranthi kumar's picture

Dear Mam, This is good planning, We will do our best in presenting them all.

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