A plan for success!

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Dear very dear friends Thank you all for the affection you are showering on team Atharvana. The congratulatory messages are so sweet and they make me infinitely happy. They give me a satisfaction that a job that I have undertaken is properly done. I get this satisfaction when my entire class succeeds wonderfully in a subject I have taught. Let me tell you this experience. In one year ( nearly 15 years ago) I taught Applied Statistics to II B.Pharm students. That year, every one in the class got more than 70% and the first mark was more than 95%, and was obtained by one girl named Sudha ( who later did her M.Pharm in Pharmacology and is now settled in UK). So, a sweet moment for a teacher is, when the students excell in their performance. This is because the success of the student is the only testimony to a teacher's efforts. I say my sincere thanks to my teammates for their very sincere attitude. I thank the organizers, and Khan Sir for their untiring efforts to promote the field of pharmacy. Eswar is a jewel . May GOD bless him with all success and happiness! I started a new practice yesterday in my M.Pharm (Advanced Physical Pharmaceutics) class. Usually I am focusing on the screen, my prepared PPT lectures, and explaining. Yesterday I was teaching "stability", so I directly connected the website of Pharmainfo.net (I attached my reliance modem to my laptop) , and taught stability from my chapter written in this website. What helped me in the success in this competition are the following points: 1. The correct working attitude of my entire team. 2. The group planning. 3. My notes for different subjects, which I prepared, over a long period. We took up only those topics on which we have already some prepared notes and some footing. We took up only those topics on which there are different angles to discuss. 4. We constantly monitored the readership numbers and tried to take up those issues which are getting more readership. We tried to write stories to raise the interest level of the readers. We realized that the title to the blog should be very catchy, it only can attract readers. 5. Our motto was always to keep more blogs than what is required by the rule. 6. On the topics that were allotted to us, we made attempts to refer different books and made an attempt to make every blog rich in content. 7. Our philosophy is- Every reader must get some benefit from reading our blogs. 8. We decided in the beginning itself that we must keep ourselves a deadline much earlier than the deadline given by the organizers. As a result we kept our blogs early and very rarely were we waiting till the last minute. 9. Early in the month of March itself, we decided on our likely topics, and we kept easy topics to the end. This is because we anticipated that we will be very busy after August. In spite of all this, I was very much short of time in September and October and could not do so well in these months. 10. We all of us kept track of every one else's work in the team. 11. We took pleasure in reading other participants' blogs and took joy in interacting with them. 12. We did'nt know about TED issues before this competition. But after we got in, we browsed well, and selected our topics in a purposeful manner. Our team mostly focused on success issues and the requirements for success. I will conclude by saying that it is divine blessing that led us through all these things and gave us success. Vijaya Ratna This blog does not contain plagiarised material.

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Dr. Vijaya Ratna Jayanthi serving Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as Chairman, Pharmaceutical Technology Department.

Dr. J. Vijaya Ratna did her B.Pharm (1977), M.Pharm (1979), PGDAS (1981) and Ph.D (1998) at Andhra University Campus and won "M.L. Khorana Gold Medal" for standing University FIRST in graduation.


Pushpendra Jain's picture

congrates mam, one thing i want to know hw cn i add my blog at pharmaoinfo.net

Mind Hunter; Jiyo aur Jine do

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Mr. Jain, You need to request administrators of the site to give you access to blog. After you got access, The usual way to upload a blog is like this: 1. We open My page. 2. We click on create a post. 3. We click on blog entry. 4. It opens what we call a template or a framework. 5. We fill all the relevant boxes, write our material in the main box and save it. 6. Usually, I prepare my blog material on my desktop, in MS Word, copy it and paste it in the box of the blog entry, and then I save it. 7. Sometimes if we make mistakes, we can press edit option and go back and correct it and save it again. Hope I could help you. Vijaya Ratna
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Jain, Every registered member is having open access to interact and post the write ups at PharmIndia group. Once you log in, your right side options will show you: "Post a topic to group" in that you can post the data and select the audience as "PharmIndia". Check out here: http://www.pharmainfo.net/og/pharmindia Good Day


ESWAR :-) 

K Rajakrishna's picture

you have rightly described about the success as exact planning and the executing the plan in a best possible way... thanks a lot for guiding us.. rajakrishna.
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Mr. Rajakrishna Thank You. Vijaya Ratna
Manthan D. Janodia's picture

Dear Madam, My hearties congratulations to you and your team members. You and your team members have enriched us with lot of knowledge, wisdom, and valuable insights from a variety of topics discussed by you. Though i was not an active participant, i had read all the blogs written by all teams and i was sure that yours is one team which had provided us with a lot of knowledge. Other teams were also good. However, the learners of your team are the lucky ones who got guidance from an experienced teacher like you. I wanted to interact with a lot of people through this platform but i had voluntarily taken a sabbatical after the fiasco that happened before this competition. I had owned moral responsibility and decided to go into hibernation. I am writing on this platform after a very long time as i could not control my willingness to congratulate you for stupendous performance in this competition. I am sure you would keep enlightening all of us throught this platform. Once again congratulations to you and your team members.

Manthan D.Janodia

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Mr. Manthan Janodia Thank you for your appreciating words. They mean a lot to us and encourage us to further perform well. Thank you. Vijaya Ratna
Sudha Thamarapalli's picture

hello madam, Congratulations to your team for cracking the SKILLS TEST 2010. Thanks for sharing your success secrets with all of us. These are definitely helpful for all of us who are going to participate in our SKILLS TEST 2011. Regards, SUDHA.T



Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Sudha Thank You. I thought I will share with everone what we did in the last year. I want to add here one point. When we are writing using some sources such as published works, we must make an attempt to understand the topic and write it in our own words. We must yet give the reference. In this regard, it will help if we write small blogs each time covering only one bit of one angle at a time. Understanding those blogs will also be easier for the readers. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. Vijaya Ratna
Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Madam, Thanks a lot for sharing your success mantra to everyone here. Hope the teams participating in Skill test 2011 will follow this pathway of success. Regards,
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Amol Sir Thank You. Vijaya Ratna
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Mam, Hearty Congratulations for winning a prestigious place. You Deserve that and it is a open fact. Hope your guidance and thought provoking blogs will be continued in future too for the benefit of new pharmaco's stepping into this platform. What do you say mam?


ESWAR :-) 

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Eswar It is contribution to one's profession that gives life to anybody. I will definitely keep contributing professionally to this site. Thank you for your affectionate words. Vijaya Ratna Dear Eswar I am feeling very proud to tell you that I am sending this comment from my new laptop presented to me by pharmainfo.net. This has inbuilt internet facility and is operating in the campus of Sri Vishnu College, which has Hi Fi facility. I am feeling great, Eswar. Thank You. Vijaya Ratna
Satyajeeth Pandey's picture

Dear madam, its nice to read your blog in pharmainfo.Last time we tried in the skills test but failed.we also talked with you when u came as an external examiner to our college.Then i was inspired a lot by you.One of my teammate came to me with a sad face(siva ganesh) and told me sir we were disqualified.After that i told him don't worry next time we will try,we will try until we get the success.because i know very well that every success starts from a failure.We will continue until we will get the success.I know u very well madam when i was a M.pharm student in jeypore college of pharmacy. That time u taught us the Biostatistics madam thats why we got good marks in the final exam.This time also we want your support madam. Regards Satyajit

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Mr. Panda The requirement here is sustained hard work and planning. Please be determined and think of the work to be done and properly manage your time. All the best. Vijaya Ratna
Mridula jayaraman's picture

dear mam , you views are really commendable . a big salute to your views . really waiting to learn more and more from you. i promise you that i will try my level best to fulfil all your views in my blog. waiting for the success of pharmacy

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Mrudula Thank you for your nice words. Vijaya Ratna
Ayman Waddad's picture

Dear Mam, I am a member of China CPU Challengers team, what you wrote in this blog touch both my heart and my mind, because I am also a lecture of Pharmaceutics in my country (Sudan). As you said the most amazing moments when you see one of your student leading the success. Wish you Good Luck for you and your team. China CPU Challengers team member

Ayman Waddad

Ph.D Student

China Pharmaceutical University



Ankur sood's picture

dear mam, First,Heartly congratulation for winning last year competiton. i really inspire with your key of success . I will try to follow these points in my blogs . Ankur Sood
Sachin Chaudhari's picture

dear Madam, Wish you very happy new year to you and team. The knowledge through the blog of the experties like you. on the different aspect of the pharma related topics will guide and fullfill most of our curiosity towards the subject. It was very good and ambitious effort from the team specially for the new learner like me in the field of Regulatory, so would like to thanks again as one of the representative of all new learners and starters of the field. as expecting more and more knowledgeable blogs will charge up us contineously. thanx, Sachin Chaudhari

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