Drug Interactions- Pharmaceutical

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Dru Interactions- Pharmaceutical The word pharmaceutical indicates that this interaction has to do with something in the manufacture or preparation of medicine. Smetimes a situation comes, where a doctor is adding some iv injection to a infusion bottle from which fluids are flowing into a patient's vein. If, upon such addition, precipitation happens then that precipitate may flow into the patient's veins and that may cause embolism. Such a reaction is called a pharmaceutical drug interaction. Example: If sodium thiopentone and either vecuronium or pancuronium are simultaneously administered they may form a white precipitate which can flow into intravenous tubing. This precipitate may cause a problem of embolism to the patient.(1) 1. Reference: Deleterious Drug Interactions in Anaesthetic Practice G Shorten Department of Anaesthetics, University Hospital, Cork This blog is free from plagiarism.

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Dr. Vijaya Ratna Jayanthi serving Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as Chairman, Pharmaceutical Technology Department.

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Dear madam, Can you please suggest some more examples as such?


Bhavani Prasad.V

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Bhavani Prasad I am sorry, but I can not. Even in this example, you can see that I could not give the total reference. I collected this material long ago, I searched but could not locate the total reference. Onlythe name of the author is there in my lecture. However, I could not resist from giving this information. Sorry again. Vijaya Ratna
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Dear madam, If there is an embolism during such infusions, doesn't it cause death of the patient? Isn't it a serious thing?


Uma Prathyusha

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D ear Uma It is very serious and doctors are very careful about them. That is why many doctors restrict themselves to drugs they know well and brands they know well.
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Dear madam, You said here the pharmaceutical interaction means it may be due to a defect in manufacturing or preparation. Then the example you have given may be due to antagonism also know madam?






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Dear Aishwarya A pharmaceutical interaction is something which happens outside the body of a patient, which has to do with a physico chemical interaction but results in harm to the patient. I will search results for more examples. Vijaya Ratna
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Good blog. Can you please give me some more lively examples for pharmaceutical drug interactions?

T.K. Indira. http://www.pharmainfo.net/tkindira

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