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Hello pharma friends,

You might have all been exhausted with all kinds of informative and academic oriented blogs. Here are some rejuvenating and refreshing blogs from blogging bees for this session. Come interact with us!!

Before going in detail of my blog, I would like to start with a saying Lyman Frank Baum "some where over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true"

Isn't an amazing sight to watch a rainbow bridging over the sky?? Yes we all enjoy it know!! Well, now in this blog, I am going to tell you what each color signifies.

The rainbow appears only when sunlight enters the falling drops of rain whereby the sunlight splits into its true colors which we have memorized as VIBGYOR1 in the order. Now let me tell about the colors.

V - Violet

A deep color reflects high spirituality while a place one reflects love for humanity. The normal shade symbolizes stability in a confused state.

I - Indigo

It is the color which signifies infinity & reflects wisdom & self mastery. It acts as a bridge between finite & infinite.

B - Blue

It is the color of divinity, color of skies & oceans. This color in our daily lives like on the paintings of the wall gives a soothing & relaxed feeling & also symbolizes peace & understanding.

G - Green

It is the center of the spectrum which is a symbol for good health, growth, balance & harmony.

Y - Yellow

It is the color which symbolizes energy, bright and happiness. Using this color gives clarity of thought & improves your decision-making skills.

O - Orange

This color also symbolizes energy & wisdom. It improves the creativity of the person and brings equilibrium in life.

R - Red

It appears fiery symbolizes energy & enthusiasm and also passion, vibrancy & success.

All the above colors are considered just Primary colors and there are many colors in between these shades and even some lighter shades exist. I am going to discuss about these now. Generally the paler shades signify tears & suffering.

The various (New Rainbow colors)2:-

1) Pale Turquoise

It acts as a bridge between our spirit, soul & personality. It reminds us that there exists an inner life apart from the external life.

2) Light Green

It is the colour of nature, goodness, generosity and symbolizes perfection in ourselves.

3) Deep magenta

It reflects the negative or dark side within us and symbolizes sub-consciousness.It lives in the gap between the death and life and exists in dark but we can't see it.

4) Crimson Red

It signifies pure humanity, good ness of inside and our inner sense of the purpose. It has a special quality of protecting one self from psychic and physical disorders.

5) Rose peach

It is the colour of spirit residing with in us. It imparts self confidence in us.

6) Gold

It is the color of ancient wisdom and knowledge about our ancients.

7) Rose Pink

It is the color of tenderness and unconditional love of our mothers. It also represents self acceptance, love on oneself, self forgiveness and non judgement. It is the color of 'LOVE' , happiness & joy of being loved & loving others.

Lets make our life, "COLOURFUL" This Blog does not end up here. Its continued by my co-bees.
Keep waiting.........


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"This blog doesn't contain any plagiarized material"




Team Leader:
Mrs. Roja Rani


About the Author

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Author: V.B.S.Aishwarya


Santosh kumar. JH's picture

"COLOURS OF LIFE".... Very inspiring !!!
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear santhosh, Thank you for your comment






TK Indira's picture

very colorful blog. I liked your blog and your explanation very much.. keep it up dear.

T.K. Indira. http://www.pharmainfo.net/tkindira

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Hello Indira , Thank you and keep waiting i bet you would definately like my co-bees blogs too.






A.R.Khan's picture

For a change, yes it is. Good job !
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear Sir, Very happy to see your comment... This month we have planned to give something different and fresh feel and look to our blogs Thank you sir Regards,






A.R.Khan's picture

Yep i read the second one in your series. Its good one too. What i noticed your team has lot of "creativity" . Hope to see you guys more often in this platform.
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear sir, Your comments are really encouraging to us... We will definitely come up with some more interesting blogs Regards,






P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear Aishwarya......... Its nice to see a pleasant blog as colorful as the rainbow.It was very peaceful reading the blog. Regards,


V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

dear Abhigna I am glad to see your comment. thank you






Rajav Ardhana's picture


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