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Hi every one,

I am here with a TED Talk by Nathan Wolfe, a viral hunter who did extensive work with some other colleagues about the source transmission of virus so as to curtail or discover a cure for many of the viral diseases. They did their work in Africa.

For example, let us take the well-known virus, HIV which attacked humans many years before from chimpanzees who hunt them. i.e. the origin of HIV Virus was Chimpanzees. In other words we can also say that most of the viruses have their origin in animal.

Now, when we consider the transmission of viruses from animals to human as pyramids, the top of the pyramid, they get transferred in to humans completely, and the present generation humans are now working or wasting their time on this level rather than knowing the below levels. And our speaker called this earlier phase as "viral chatter" which was named by his guru 'Don Burke' knowing the viral chatter would eventually enable one to stop its transmission.

The author during his research found out that the root reason for the transmission of viruses was blood contact so they collected blood samples from specimens , checked their virility to cause diseases in both human & animals their main motto behind this was to catch them before they are transmitted to humans. But this they handn't done at once but monitored regularly and collected specimens when they were sick.The collected blood is tested for the presence of zoonotic viruses.

Since Nathan wolfe found out that the transmission was due to blood contact & the people who face this are generally & mostly hunters. So what our author did is he gave pieces of filter paper to them sampling and these persons were tested regularly so that they don't spread the virus to other.

For shifting the specimens to the laboratory they needed dry ice which was difficult to get in that part ( c. Africa) so used liquid - N2.

The result of their 10 years of work was that they discovered a no of viruses which when focused clearly would give info about their transfer to humans. He called these as retroviruses.

With the support & partnership of Google. Org and skoll foundation, Nathan wolfe & his team started global viral forecasting Initiative and began work in 4 places of Africa & Asia and have plans to extend it to 20 or more places throughout the world- the viral hotspots so that they can catch them before they spread to blood banks, sexual metro works, airplanes etc.

The speaker concluded by saying that it is not only the hunters of Central Africa that get exposed to viruses but it may be in different modes. If a person sits to write an encyclopedia on life on planet, 27 out of 30 of them would be bacteria & viruses only. Since we know their source and transmission, it would be relatively easy to find out more about their world and lets wish that this endeavour of them would soon be successful for a "Virus-free world" and 'Healthy Living'



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Very good topic. Hope we would soon see "Virus-free world" and 'Healthy Living'. Thanks for sharing.

T.K. Indira. http://www.pharmainfo.net/tkindira

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Yeah Lets hope for that






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