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Hi everyone,
This is in continuation of my previous blog, hoping you would enjoy it and here I am going to discuss about relaxation and visualization steps which I have mentioned in my previous blogs and also about link method of memory and various memory demonstrations.

The various steps involved in learning and memorizing are according to the psychologist Alexander Luria,

1. Relaxation:-1,2

The first step to accelerate learning is to relax the mind and body completely.If a person is stressed, the following conditions occur,

* realities are distorted,

* possible things seem to be impossible,

* Loss of confidence.

Methods of obtaining relaxation are,

* music,

* physical exercises,

* breathing exercises,

* Mental exercises.

Now, let me explain each method in detail.

The music like singing of birds, rustling of leaves, sighing of wind etc also relaxes our mind. According to Steve Halpers, a research analyst, the body vibrates at a rate of 7.8 to 8 cycles/sec in the most relaxed state and the brain alone vibrates at the rate of 8 cycles/sec.
Rock and disco music produces a negative impact on the person.

This keeps the body and mind relaxed and alert. In the first few days, though it may produce pain, when regularly done, it really soothes the body and mind.

Arrhythmic breathing indicates bad mood. This should be done in a peaceful place free of any sound but soft and slow music may be allowed.
Now close your eyes, and inhale and exhale slowly.

a) Relaxed breathing :-

Take a relaxed posture

Keep your feet loose

Back should be straight

Keep your hands on the abdomen,

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath slowly

Let it go down the abdomen

Take a pause and now slowly leave the air out (exhale).

b) Rhythmic breathing :-
Here breathing should be done in a rhythm in cycles.

Close your eyes

On the count 1,2 -inhale

Pause (1, 2)

Exhale count (1, 2)

Pause (1, 2)
All the above process represents 1 cycle. Do a minimum of 10 cycles.

c) Focused breathing:-
Here, first sit in a comfort posture, then lie down flat on the back alternatively. Process is,

Close your eyes

Breathe normally while concentrating on every part of the body through your mind's eye

While visualizing each part, breathe into it to a count 4

Do it from top to bottom

It is nothing but imagining using all our 5 senses. They not only soothe our mind but also clear it of obstructing thoughts. It is done by thinking of nice and pleasant incidents, people, etc.

2. Creative Visualization:-
This together with relaxation only accelerates learning and gives best results. It is a process of giving suggestions to oneself which reaches the unconscious mind in the relaxed state. It is done by,

a) mental imaging:
They provide sensory stimulation and on practicing more and more, we become more efficient in learning.

* simple creative visualization:

Look for a quiet and peaceful place

Sit comfortably with the back straight and relax

Visualize pleasant situations.

* good achievement exercise:

Select a peaceful place

Visualize your goal and think of it for sometime

Visualize how you would feel if you have accomplished it.

The doubts which come during the visualization should be cleared

Let a doubting voice start and make sure that you master it, to proceed for the next stage.( this is the second stage)

In the 3rd stage,
Re-visualize your goal and find a reason why you have chosen it and why you wanted to achieve it.

In the 4th stage,
You make a plan to achieve it in the real world in a stepwise manner.

Now, stop thinking of the goal because your unconscious mind will start working on it and automatically you start concentrating more, you have more determination and involvement which will improve your standards in life.

Observing things is very essential for remembrance. It can be improved by practice. It also makes our memory strong.
When you don't observe, you don't realize, therefore you don't remember. So here, are some tips to improve your observation,

* look around your place,

* list every item present in your mind and the people you have interacted with, without leaving any details

* Then check and add any if missing.

Regularly practicing this, will improve your observation power which in turn increases your memory.

Now, how to retain this information???
This is tested by our exams and helped by the principles of memorization which are:-

a) Association:
It is a process of correlating a piece of information with another.

b) Imagination:
It is seeing things in our mind and its impact is very much on our mind. It makes memorizing many times faster than when we read or hear.

It states that, "until and unless, we do not understand anything, we cannot memorize and retain it. So, for things which we cannot imagine, we should first understand and then visualize.
Ex: Italy as idly
And hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia as hippopotamus, monster, quip, pedalio...


It is the best and frequently used method to improve one's
memory. It is usually used for remembering things in a sequence by seeing only
once. It is done by a trained memory which depends on pictures and images. For
this, 4 rules have to be followed. They are,

picture the items,

make them act,

increase their number,

Substitute them.

Associate all the items and make them so unimaginable.


These can be used for improving the memory and for the
people to recognize your talents. But before showing them to the public, a
complete and careful practice should be done.

  • these
    can be used for sending a strong message among the people
  • They
    are of great demand today and are a source of income for the demonstrators
    giving them fame and money.
  • They
    should be presented in an interesting manner so that the audience will be
    spell bound.
  • Here,
    the only thing you have to do is to associate and visualize things, words,
    and institutions in the mind.



"This blog does not contain any plagiarized material"


Uma Prathyusha,


Team Leader: Mrs. Roja Rani


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Author: Uma Pratyusha


P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear Umapratyusha, I like your blog very much. It is always necessary to pause a while before doing/ going for important work. Keep it up. Regards, Team Sentinel


Uma Pratyusha's picture

Hi Abhigna, Thanks for your comment and I will definitely try my level best to present more such blogs!:)


Uma Prathyusha

Payal Dande's picture

Good attempt, I think what you said about breathing are the parts of yoga exercises which helps in relieving stress. Also its meditation (concentration) which helps in better learning. There are few excercises for brain called brain gym, you can include those to explain the learning process further
Uma Pratyusha's picture

Dear madam, Yes, the breathing exercises I have mentioned are a part of yoga exercises. And thanks for your suggestion, i will surely add it soon!


Uma Prathyusha

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