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Pharmacokinetic patent...!!! (In Detail)

Adams Respiratory Therapeutics  versus Perrigo - construction of the pharmacokinetic  claim in terms of Cmax

  • A company named Adams Respiratory Therapeutics  holds a patent number (5, 372, 252,) and this patent  covers an ER formulation that contains guaifenesin (it is an expectorant which is used to thin, loosen, and help to expel  the mucus which  causes congestion).
  • Perrigo tried for the FDA approval for a generic of Adams' product, Mucinex(r).

Meningitis Outbreak Sweeps Across America…But Where Did It Come From?

In late September, cases of fungal meningitis began to spring up, seemingly out of nowhere, across America.

States such as New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Maryland and Tennessee reported case after case of fungal meningitis.

Experts were baffled as to what was causing the outbreak...especially because the predominant fungus identified in patients was Exserohilum rostratum, which is a rare cause of fungal meningitis. As more states began to report cases of meningitis a pattern began to develop.

Government universities that have Pharmacy course

Course Curriculum of B.Pharm. (Hons.):

Generally Course curriculum follows DU( Dhaka University) syllabus.The curriculam of B.Pharm(Hons.) course isdivided into four different parts to cover in four subsequent year (part) final examinations or eight semester final examinations. The curriculum include generally sound knowledge on

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