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Pharmacy Courses available and admission procedures - Romania

More health schools were established, for post-secondary students who finish high school. Courses are 3 years, during which students do courses every week, and hours of practice in pharmacy. These schools that prepare pharmacy assistants are of two kinds, are the post-secondary schools that are not internationally recognized, and are a pharmacist assistant courses in universities, which lasts around 3 years diploma and can work in any pharmacy, and the abroad. Admission to post-secondary method is based on the record, with the main documents without examination.

77. A robust Pharmacovigilance - Key to patient's safety & health

23rd August 2013 was a memorable day for me for two reasons:

1. I attended a National Training workshop on "Secured Medicines & Robust Pharmacovigilance- Key to patient's safety and health" - a program organized by "Partnership for Safe Medicines India" initiative and "Grahak Shakti" in collaboration with National COOrdination Cemter (NCC) of Pharmacovigilance Program of India (PvPi) - Indian Pharmacopoeaia Commission (IPC), Gaziabad at committee room No 318, Vikasa soudha, Bangalore.

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