pharmacist role

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73 A. 'TALKING' - The working tool of the pharmacist!

Just as every professional has working tool/s, pharmacy too has a working tool. But this working tool is put to rust or its use is not taught in the pharma schools. It is such an inexpensive tool, moulding and sharpenning and skill fully using it should be taught in the Pharma schools. Contrary, it is suppressed or is not allowed to develop or its use is snubbed.

Pharmacists are not succeeding in the profession as they dont posess this tool or dont use it skillfully to be effective.

Community pharmacy in India and some issues

Retail sale in India mostly takes place through medical shops and the idea of community pharmacy is not known much here in India. The pharmacy profession has been making attempts, consistently and strongly, in the past three decades, to imbue the sellers in the medical shops with professional values and transform the medical shops into community pharmacies.

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