Pharmaceutical sciences

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National Seminar on "New-Fangled Nano Drug Delivery: Future Fueling for Pharmacy to Treat/Fight Disease" under banner of APTI

One- Day National Seminar on the topic "New-Fangled Nano Drug Delivery: Future Fueling for Pharmacy to Treat/Fight Disease" on 12th April 2014 under banner of APTI at

P.D.M College of Pharmacy, sarai aurangabad bahadurgarh , Sector: 3A, Sarai Aurangabad, Major District Road 122, Sector 3A, Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507, India
+91 1276 221 757

Similarities between Wet granulation and Ruti cooking

Actually, Pharmaceuticals processing and production have similarities to cook something. Some examples of that are, processing similarities between wet granulation and Ruti or Chapati cooking. Another example of this kind similarities are emulsion production with curry cooking. Though pharmaceuticals processing is similar to cooking but pharmaceuticals processing is done in the more precise, more controlled and more systemic ways to provide stability for prolong period.

Government universities that have Pharmacy course

Course Curriculum of B.Pharm. (Hons.):

Generally Course curriculum follows DU( Dhaka University) syllabus.The curriculam of B.Pharm(Hons.) course isdivided into four different parts to cover in four subsequent year (part) final examinations or eight semester final examinations. The curriculum include generally sound knowledge on

Clinical Trials in India: At the cost of human lives?

I recently came across this article that had me quite bewildered, to be honest. What is happening to a country like India? It's hardly surprising when we follow in the footsteps of countries like America. With their ignominious FDA unapproved trials, clinical trials in India are being taken for granted at the cost of human lives.

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