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Bhagavan PS
49 mins * Edited *
67 yeras old baby:
Pharmacy in India is 67 years old infant.
Thanks to the parents who have kept it alive.
It needs to be effectively taken care and nourished
We have launched
The INDIA PHARMACIST ABHIYAAN 2015-2020 that was kickstarted on 2nd October 2015 at Varanasi by a grand mega India Pharmacist Adhiveshan,
A demand with 12 point Agenda has been submitted to Govt@miniPMO Varanasi.

100 The Pharmacist oath in India -

I am happy to preesnt my 100th Blog on today and I dedicate this blog to the Pharmacy profession and Professionals.

As I was revisiting the Oath prescribed for the Indian Pharmacist and being administered by all the pharmacy colleges and also by some of the state pharmacy councils I felt utter humiliation on two counts: 1. No scope and freedom to practice as per the oath taken and 2. The naked farce that exists on the very face of the oath. Here is how it looks.

Online sale of drugs - India intiative

I like this very good initiative of DCGI.
e-prescription system is happening in private sector hospitals and there are some teething challenges that could be addressed gradually.
The question is how to comply with the D & C Act and Pharmacy Act.
Just as the manufacturing industry transformed into digital technology the drugs delivery is slowly inching towards the digital technology.

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