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Get rewards for your search skill in literature and patent

Hello Friends, I have came across a site who provides you patent study of different fields like pharmacy, chemical, engineering etc and you have to submit the prior arts searches related to that patent subject as described by them and if you provide most useful prior arts you can get rewards minimum 5000$ to 10000$. Registration is free at this link

Patent Agent Exam Coaching (IPatenTrade Academy)

I have came across an institute which provides class room coaching and online distance learning module for "Indian Patent Agent Exam", an exam conducted by Indian Patent office and authorized by Indian Government at very reasonable fees. Class room coaching/Online distance learning module will cover * Indian patent law * Drafting of patent specification & licence agreements

Patent Vs publication of your research work

I have come across so many students of M.pharm and phD, who are crazy about the publication in national as well as international journals. But they forgot the research value of their hard work. Publication just give them a list of publication with his/her name and nothing else as a motivation. second thing any one can use that research data and manipulate for his own purpose either commercial or non commercial.

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