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June Journey

Dear Bloggers How are you? I would like to present to you some few things. Last month, due to various issues (Graduation, International Article Reviewing etc) This Month of June we will try to cover the following topics to make it up to you. -Naltrexone -Tramadol -Asthma -Crohn's Disease -Gene Therapy and cancer -Modern Pharmacy Vs Traditional Pharmacy

China CPU Challengers May Topics

The Month of April has been one of the tough month for most of us, due to a personal School Schedule. Therefore, we couldn't cover all the topic announced. However, this Month of May, we will discuss on: -Naltrexone -Tramadol -Asthma -Crohn's Disease -Gene Therapy and cancer -Modern Pharmacy Vs Traditional Pharmacy -Mechanized nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Part Two

Dose Dumping - USFDA Regulatory perspective

There were many reasons for dose dumping of an extended release dosage form like improper design of dosage form, drug excipient interactions, crushing or chewing by patient1, intake of food or alcohol2 of which dose dumping due to alcohol is of more concern. Dose dumping due to alcohol was initially identified in palladone capsules that contain hydromorphone used to treat pain2. It is a potent narcotic with the dose of 12mg.

Dose dumping - technical perspective

Dose dumping is defined as "Unintended, rapid drug release in a short period of time of the entire amount or a significant fraction of the drug contained in a modified release dosage form1." A sustained/extended/controlled release dosage form is intended to release the drug in desired concentrations for a prolonged period of time. A dosage form is said to be dose dumped when there is an excess release of drug at a particular time interval other than the stated or required amount. This results in higher systemic drug concentrations that may result in toxicity.

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