Drug discovery

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3rd International Conference on Drug Delivery @ PSG College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore, India

International Conference on Drug Delivery ICODD 2014 is an international event focusing on the current innovations in Drug Delivery Technology. The theme of the conference is "Innovations in Drug Delivery". The conference will provides a platform for all Pharmaceutical Scientists, Universities and research institutions, pharmaceutical industries to discuss and learn about the entire important international breakthrough Innovations in Drug Delivery Technology.

General Rules in Pharmacology Practicals

Most of the pharmacology practicals are regarding the study of drug action on biological systems. These are mostly done using organ preparations isolated from some of the commonly used laboratory animals such as Frog's, Guinea pigs, Albino Rats, Mice etc.

Following are some rules or general procedure that a student should follow in order to carry out the experiment successfully.

China CPU Challengers May Topics

The Month of April has been one of the tough month for most of us, due to a personal School Schedule. Therefore, we couldn't cover all the topic announced. However, this Month of May, we will discuss on: -Naltrexone -Tramadol -Asthma -Crohn's Disease -Gene Therapy and cancer -Modern Pharmacy Vs Traditional Pharmacy -Mechanized nanoparticles for Drug Delivery Part Two

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