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Is India Losing Its Edge In Clinical Trials? – Pharmalot Blog

Amid court rulings and ongoing protests in India over protecting patients in clinical trials, the pace at which trials are being approved has reportedly slowed. Consequently, questions are being raised about the ongoing ability of the country to remain a fast-growing hub for medical research and uncertainty about what some call a sluggish bureaucracy is prompting some drugmakers to shift operations elsewhere


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Clinical Trials in India: At the cost of human lives?

I recently came across this article that had me quite bewildered, to be honest. What is happening to a country like India? It's hardly surprising when we follow in the footsteps of countries like America. With their ignominious FDA unapproved trials, clinical trials in India are being taken for granted at the cost of human lives.

ICH Guidelines!!

The International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use which we simply refer as ICH is a distinct in getting together the various "regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industry" of Japan, Europe and US to discuss about various scientific and technical requirements of drug registration.

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