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Bhagavan PS
49 mins * Edited *
67 yeras old baby:
Pharmacy in India is 67 years old infant.
Thanks to the parents who have kept it alive.
It needs to be effectively taken care and nourished
We have launched
The INDIA PHARMACIST ABHIYAAN 2015-2020 that was kickstarted on 2nd October 2015 at Varanasi by a grand mega India Pharmacist Adhiveshan,
A demand with 12 point Agenda has been submitted to Govt@miniPMO Varanasi.

India Pharmacist Adhiveshan 2015 @ Benares October 2nd 2015

Track history for India Pharmacist Adhiveshan October 2nd 2015 to launch India Pharmacist Abhiyan 2015 - 2020. to professionalize Pharmacy service through empowerment of pharmacist:
Permit me to share the track record of Shri Amitav Joyprakash Choudhury in his struggle to reform the image of pharmacy and pharmacists in India:
1. April 2011 - Uttarkhand D Pharm summit at Dehradun

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