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Pharmacuetical Care Industry in India ----Global Health Technologies

Dear Friends,
We have launched a company to initiate Pharmaceutical Care in the country. We have 120 X 30 PharmD interns and large amount of registered pharmacist in the country. By creating the bridge between the two resources, the GHT aims to initiate pharmacy practice in the country.
The huge number of patients need disease management and pharmacist help. This gap is going to be filled by the initiative of the GHT, which will sell Franchises of three categories to registered pharmacist.

About Dr Ritu Goel

I am a homoeopathic physician and a nutritionist. I have been working since last 14 years in the healthcare industry. I started my career as a practicing physician and simultaneously also contributed articles to various homoeopathic magazines and health websites. Then I joined GE capital as an Insurance Underwriter and worked there for nine years.

About Amr Ebied

I am an Egyptian physician studying health care business administration in the University of Akron in Ohio. I have a medical background in internal medicine, but I have always been fond of natural treatments and providing a simple understanding of medications to the common non-academic person. That's why I started blogging about certain medications that interested people at certain times.

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