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Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce myself and my team as one of the contestants in skills test-2011 organized by
I am Dr.T.E.G.K.Murthy, principal, Bapatla College of pharmacy, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India. My team members are:
M.Kishore Babu, associate professor in pharmaceutics, pursuing Ph.D and working on "collagen scaffolds" in our institution.
G.Sailesh who is a research scholar working on multiparticulate drug delivery systems.
V.Vijaya kumar who is a research scholar working on colon specific drug delivery.
My Team name is: "Pharma Bloggers". We selected this name because most of our blogs will be dedicated to innovations in pharmacy field.
The main reason for participating in this contest is to share the information with other teams. At the same time we would like to learn from them.
During this competition, we expect discussions on various topics and problems pertaining to pharmacy. We are ready to face the typical challenges from other pioneers and research scholars in the field.
Happy Blogging!


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Sanket Shah's picture

Dear Sir, welcome to skill test-2011. As you have all the members related to pharmaceutics and all are research scholars,it will be great time with your team ahead. All the Best. Regards Sanket Shah
Nayan Patel's picture

A very warm welcome to the skill test 2011 Mr.T.E.G.K.Murthy, i myself wish you and your team 'Pharma Bloggers'all the very best for the skill test 2011.

Regards, Nayan G. Patel

S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Its really great know that experienced people like you are participating in this competition which makes this SKILL TEST more valuable. Waiting for your blogs to enrich the knowledge.
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Its really good to see you on this platform I would like to thank pharmainfo for creating a platform to interact with people like you sir Your experience, knowledge and suggestions means a lot for us. Wish you all the very success sir I will be waiting to see you blogs Thank you sir
A.R.Khan's picture

I really happy to see you sir. Now days lot of young guys/girls are retiring (mentally) on first day of joining as lectures. Being a principal, taking up this challenge really shows you commitment towards pharmacy and your students are really fortunate to have you there. Looking forward to learn from your team.
Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Thank you for your appreciation. I wish to share my knowledege to the young pharmacists and also to interact with the professionals like you.

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Ayman Waddad's picture

Hello Sir I wish you good luck, I am impressed by that you are the principal of a pharmacy college and still you have the spirit to compete which inspire me to do my best effort in this PharmaSkil Info test 2011 Thanks China CPU challengers team member

Ayman Waddad

Ph.D Student

China Pharmaceutical University



Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Thank you for your encouragement. I am expecting the information pertaining to the field of clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions and the latest models available to do research on these areas.

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Murthy Sir, I seen your excipient article on ccs. It is really very good. I am very happy that we can interact here during this period on various issues related to pharmacy and also share knowledge with one another. Best of luck Sir. Regards,
ksarun03's picture

Its pleasure to participate and compete with people like you sir. I would like to thank pharmainfo for providing this oppurtunity to share and update knowledge for students like me. I wish your team all the best in this competition sir, Thanking you
with regards K.S.ARUN KUMAR
Siriki Praveen Kumar's picture

Hi sir warm welcome to skills test-2011, Hope we will learn a lot from your blogs. ALL THE BEST SIR.


S. Praveen Kumar.

Pharma warriors

Mridula jayaraman's picture

nice to see your team , a warm welcome to them. eagerly waiting for new info's from you team. awiting to learn more from you.

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

Navya Sai's picture

we are waiting eagerly to share the information and to learn something new from your team.i wish all the best to your team


Navya sai

Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

Its a great honor to meet you sir... all the very best to your team m.sandhyasravya
Sirisha Pingali's picture

I feel delighted to get an opportunity to meet people like you. I read few posts of you. All your team mates are seniors to us and i wish to learn innovative blogs from your side especially in pharmaceutics. Thank you!!

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Sravani kompella's picture

I am very to see a team which is enriched with such valuable team mates ...I welcome you on to this beautiful platform ..A very good luck.
vishnupriya.kaliki's picture

hello sir , it is very happy to us to participate in the skill test along with people like you sir. i along with my team members welcomes you skill test to share your worthful ideas along with your team members. tham k you sir .


Nandini's picture

hello sir, i welcome you to the skill test2011 you have a team skill full learners. waiting for your valuable contributions.

with regards Nandini. TEAM ASSIMILATORS.

Narmadha's picture

hello sir welcome to the skill test2011 nice blend of learners. hope to receive a good blogs from you!.

With regards, Narmadha  

Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Thanks for your compliments.I wish to share the exchange my opinions with respect to excipient and other allied areas.

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

K Rajakrishna's picture

hello sir, welcome to the skill test2011 its nice to see you at this platform to share knowledge. i have been associated with you in a number of seminars that you have guided as an judge.. i am very glad to know that you are participating in this contest. i would be very egerly waiting for ur blog post.
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Mr. T.E.G.K.Murthy Hearty Welcome to this platform. I look forward to your informative blogs. I think your team will give really research oriented blogs as you are having research scholars in your team. All the best. Vijaya Ratna
Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Thank you madam On behalf of our teammates, i am assuring you that our blog will provide the research oriented articles .

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Thank you madam On behalf of our teammates, i am assuring you that our blog will provide the research oriented articles .

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Rahul Nair's picture

Hi sir It's a pleasure to welcome you to skills test 2011. I welcome you on behalf of my team members. Rahul nair team Endeavour

Hello sir! welcome to skill test 2011!hope i will get good information from your blogs!
Dr Girija Sankar's picture

Hello sir Being principal to one of the esteemed colleges in AP, your interest in the competition is really appreciable. I feel very happy to be connected with persons like you.

Dr.G.Girija Sankar, Associate Professor Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, College of Pharmaceutical Science, Andhra University.

Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

Dear SIR I am very much happy for your active participation in this competition.I am expecting good discussion about the topics displayed in our blog from you

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Gangadhar Hari's picture

Welcome to Skills test 2011 Sir. Its really great to have participants like you in this competition sir. Hope you would show us the core of pharmaceutics with rest of your team mates. All the Best...
SS Md Shafi's picture

DEAR sir.. i feel happy to have the persons such as you and welcome........

shafi ..

Raghavendhra naveen Chennoju's picture

Dear sir, SYNERGY BLOGGERS gives you a warm welcome to this competition Hoping good information from you..
Swagat K. Soni's picture

Dear Sir, I hope to get A bulk of innovative knowledge from your blog... Welcome to competition. Best luck Regards

Swagat K. Soni Anand Pharmacy college M.Pharm (Pharmacology)

Shruti Priya's picture

dear sir welcome to skill test hoping to get more valuable novel topics from your blog. good luck

Shruti Priya

Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Sir, Warm welcome to the pharma fraternity! A team with Principal as team leader is making clear how active you are. And it was clearly proved that Bapatla College of Pharmacy students/faculty/principal always Rocks by showing their caliber in PPPC05 a contest designed exclusively for your College. I take this opportunity to once again congratulate the winners of PPPC05 Especially I know G.Sailesh as very active member in this platform with lot of passion in writing special articles for example on NIPER-JEE His active participation in many ppt contests is also appreciable. Even Kishore Babu sir is also well known for his active guidance and participation in ppt contests. So your team is having lot of scope to rock and I expect the same. Good Luck sir


ESWAR :-) 

Dr. T.E.G.K. Murthy's picture

DEAR ESWAR Thank you for your comments.I and my teammates will try to fulfill your expectations.

Bapatla College of Pharmacy, Bapatla

Francine's picture

Dear Sir We welcome you into this skill contest 2011
Sana Bangliwala's picture

I welcome you and your team to participation in the skill test 2011

Sana Bangliwala, THe Ayurpreachers.

Ayman Waddad's picture

I wish you all the best sir, I beleive you will inspire all the others showing them knowledge never limited by age or positions China CPU Challengers team member

Ayman Waddad

Ph.D Student

China Pharmaceutical University



DIMEKO's picture

Sir, Welcome to you and your team members to Skill Test 2011 Didier Mekoo CPU Nanjing China

China CPU Challengers

Krunal Ukani's picture

Respected sir, I welcome you and your team in skill test 2011. Krunal Ukani
Seema Meena's picture

good luck for upcoming contest.


Vishnu Murthy Vummaneni's picture

Very happy to see the name of BCOP here. My heart full wishes to the members of " PHARMA BLOGGERS"....

Vishnu Murthy Vummaneni

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