July Turns the Team Focus

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Dear Readers,

As the title suggests this month we are going to turn our team's focus from obesity to something else. We want to throw some light on the facts related to Diabetes.

Last month we concluded the topic of obesity. We made sure that we dint miss out on any sugestions from the readers so far and promise to do so in future. If we think any of the topic needs more attention rather than simply ending it in a line we will make sure that we work on that by posting some extra blogs. So please do suggest us if at all you think any of the inter related topics need more attention. We will be pleased by your suggestions.

Firts Session:

Mrs. Telny Thomas Chungath: Content Uniformity Test
P Shanthi Priya: Content Uniformity Testing Equipment
Aparna Sannapu: Diabetes mellitus: Introduction
M Leela keerthi: Diabetes: Classification and Symptoms

Second session:

Aparna Sannapu: Content Uniformity Tests for Tablets and Capsules
M Leela Keerthi: Content Uniformity Tests: pharmacopoeial comparison
P Shanthi Priya: TED talk show: Ananda Shankar Jayant fights cancer with dance

Thank you and Hope to see the same support from all the readers..

Good luck to all the teams


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Amol Malpani's picture

Respected Madam, Previous contribution from your side was very good. Diabetes is very interesting and I feel your team will discuss all types of diabetes.
Telny Thomas Chungath's picture

Dear Amol We will make sure that the important topics of diabetics are not missed, and it reaches you with great info.

Regards Telny Thomas

kranthi kumar's picture

Dear Mam, The topic you have selected is more similar to the previous one. Hope to see it in a colourful way.

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