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Dear All

There are many serious consequences of obesity, which were discussed as complication of obesity in a brief manner in our previous month I would like to share some important facts related to aging and obesity........

The aging process has been explained very clearly in various blogs from Team Sentinel (Mr. Amol & Ms Abhinga)

Just to refresh aging is nothing but, deterioration of the structure & function of organs associated with oxidative stress, genetic instability & disruption of homeostatic pathways......

How obesity is affecting the aging process??????[1, 2]

Various studies suggests Telomerase shortening is linked to obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and coronary artery disease...on the other hand, telomerase shortening is related to aging....this was explained by study of chromosomal clock in human cells........

As it's a known fact that obesity accelerates the process of we get older (age), many people develop metabolic syndromes, categorized by cerebral (visceral) obesity, insulin resistance, impaired glucose tolerance, hypertension and many other CVS complications.

Let us look at the similarities in metabolic deregulation in obesity and aging. Similar cellular pathways are followed in both the conditions.

To understand and analyze this hypothesis, Minamino et al studied the adipose tissue of obese mice for evidence of oxidative stress, aging and inflammation. Adipose tissue from agouti mice, which are genetically obese, had higher levels of ROS & DNA damage than lean mice when both groups were on a normal diet for 20 weeks, and he proposed that the link between obesity and aging & abnormal metabolism was p53.

P53 is activated in response to shortened telomerase in aging cells. Obesity results from genetic and environmental factors, for example over nutrition, stimulates the generation of ROS. Obesity fastens the onset, increases the prevalence and intensifies the severity of all the major diseases related to older age.

Maintaining stable weight after the age of 50 is healthy aging. Aging and obesity is closely related components because the changes in life style causes obesity and accelerates the aging process also....

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Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Madam, good information. diabetis, obesity and insulin resistance all are very closely associate and interlinked with each other and aging is the ultimate effect. Regards,
Telny Thomas Chungath's picture

Thanks for the welcoming you know much more facts about aging this may be a piece of additional information....due to my time constraints i could not able to give a detailed future will try to explore more on the same all we know aging is really a complex process and interesting to know the facts and insights on the same...... recently i have come across the "youth pills" through which the aging can be regulated and life span can be improved....... the article about a book The Youth Pill in "The Scientist" is one of the milestone in the study of aging....hope it may help you for fine tune of your aging studies......

Regards Telny Thomas

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Madam, Happy to see you are also taking interest in aging as well as your helping nature. I read about this very recently it come. Hope it bring some revolution. Thanks

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