Pharmaceutical Tablet Mottling

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Tablet Mottling Problem and  Solution

Mottling in Tablets and Its Solution


Definition: 'Mottling' is the term used to describe an unequal distribution of colour on a tablet, with light or dark spots standing out in an otherwise uniform surface.

Reason: One cause of mottling may be a coloured drug, whose colour differs from the colour of excipients used for granulation of a tablet.

Table.41. The Causes And Remedies Of Mottling

Sr. No.




A coloured drug used along with colourless or white-coloured excipients.

Use appropriate colourants.


A dye migrates to the surface of granulation while drying.

Change the solvent system,

Change the binder,

Reduce drying temperature and

Use a smaller particle size.


Improperly mixed dye, especially during 'Direct Compression'.

Mix properly and reduce size if it is of a larger size to prevent segregation.


Improper mixing of a coloured binder solution.

Incorporate dry colour additive during powder blending step, then add fine powdered adhesives such as acacia and tragacanth and mix well and finally add granulating liquid.

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