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Hello bloggers,

I heartily welcome all the participants to the actual competition.
As a part of our first month's challenge, we the SYNERGY BLOGGERS are going to present blogs on the following topics.

Myself and Ms.Navya Sai will blog on the topics-

1. History & Evolution of pharmacy - I
2. History & Evolution of pharmacy - II
3. Drug Legislation in India
4. Pharma Legends - I

Other team members Mr. RaghaNaveen & Mr. S.S.Mahammad Shafi will blog on the topics -
5. Artificial blood vessels
6. Artificial neural system
7. Artificial heart
8. Artificial lungs

Our aim in this month is to recall once regarding the history of our profession & at the same time we want to start our scientific session too.

Hope you all love it...

Happy Blogging


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Sirisha Pingali's picture

Really amazing topics. The latter section is very interesting.Hoping to learn more from your team.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Sudha Thamarapalli's picture

Thanks dear



K Rajakrishna's picture

dear mam, thank you for welcoming us, the topics that you have selected will be dweling the pages of history educating all of us, as most of us dont know about our history, actually i was planning the same for my college competation, so i would be eagrly awaiting for your blogs, and about your team mates they too have selected good topics, really a worthy one to look out for from your team i wish you and your team members all the best. happy blooging
Sudha Thamarapalli's picture

Thanks a lot...



Sravani kompella's picture

A very vivid selection of topics and its really a good introduction mam.Eagerly waiting to know more about evolution of pharmacy.
Sudha Thamarapalli's picture

Thanks dear



Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Mam, Make it like a good story. A small request. Should be interesting to read. Regards,
Sudha Thamarapalli's picture




SS Md Shafi's picture

Dear mam..... thank you for announcing our plan, let us rock in this....

shafi ..

Mridula jayaraman's picture

dear mam excellent topics all the best eagerly waiting to learn from you and your team

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

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