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Hello bloggers, Recently when I was going on through an article found that in certain people, follicle stimulating gonadotrophin and interstitial cell-stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary gland are supplemented. Let us see how they are being substituted...

Before going to that let us see what gonadotrophin does and where is it released from?? Gondotrophins are glycoprotein's which are synthesized by gonadotrope cells of pituitary gland. These include follicle stimulating hormone, leutinizing hormone and placental chorionic gonadotrophin... Placental chorionic gonadotrophin is synthesized by developing embryo before conception and later by placenta.This maintain corpus luteum and then synthesizes progesterone.

Pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) is a unique member of gonadotrophin family which is synthesized only in pregnant mares and not found in any other species. It is secreted by the cup shaped outgrowths found in the horns of the uterus of pregnant horses. These endometrial cups are not maternal origin but of foetal origin.They will be visible on the 40th day of gestation and will reach to a maximum size on day 70 after which they regress. They secrete high levels of PMSG into the blood which can be even detected Chemistry: It is a hetero dimmer composed of an alpha and a beta subunit where 45% of molecular mass is carbohydrate. This PMSG has high intrinsic levels of intrinsic FSH and LH activity.


http://www.jbc.org/content/255/14/6923.full.pdf accesed on 16th november 2011.


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Hi sravani How far PMSG is compatible with humans?

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