Migraine - Diagnosis 2

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Dear friends

Last blog I have explained the diagnosis process of migraine....here let's see the other side of diagnosis..............

Misdiagnosis of migraine:

Misdiagnosis of migraine is nothing but wrong interpretation of migraine. Misdiagnosis may sometimes include complete wrong diagnosis. Proper diagnosis is required for correct treatment. Patient's inferiority complex in telling their symptoms like diarrhea, constipation or problems related to their genital organs and sometimes they never considered this as a problem. This may be one of the reasons for the misdiagnosis.

You may think, whether this is the only reason for the misdiagnosis. This may account to a certain extent for the misdiagnosis.

In case of migraine, it occurs due to the lack of proper knowledge of doctors regarding migraine. Surveys revealed that about 60% of the migraine cases were wrongly diagnosed. The Doctors after listening to the symptoms of the patient confirm that the patient is suffering from either sinus or tension headache. This sort of wrong diagnosis may lead to fatal conditions like stroke, coma, aneurysm, even death. The diagnosis of migraine is difficult as the symptoms and triggers vary from person to person


O Sinusitis

O Cluster headache

O Tension headache

O Brain tumor

O Multi infarct dementia

O Transient ischemic attack

O Pseudo tumor cerebri

O Sub arachnoid hemorrhage

O Common headache

O Cyclic vomiting syndrome

O Temporal arteritis

O Photophobia

O Lead poisoning

O Paresthesia

MAGNUM, {MIGRAINE AWARENESS GROUP:A NATIONAL UNDERSTANDING OF MIGRAINEURS} was created to bring public awareness, utilizing the electronic, print and artistic mediums, to the fact that Migraine is a true biologic neurological disease, to assist Migraine sufferers.

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Author: spandananunna


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Hello Spandananunna, Yes, I myself has been the witness to one such case of misdiagnosis which lead to the death of the patient with migraine fever.
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Misdiagnosis is a dangerous one.... meningitis, stroke and encehalitis are the threee conditions where there will be migraine and fever exist together.
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Dear Spandana, Misdiagnosis is really terrific.I wish to see clear precautions to prevent misdiagnosis.
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Thanks for your comments regards mystery of migraine

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