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NEED FOR TRAINED PROFESSIONALS IN THE GROWING INDUSTRY In my blog I will be specifically dealing with the pharma industry, the problems that the industry is facing these days. Since pharma industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the world so is growing the need of well educated and trained professionals in the industry, more the people are qualified more easily they can offer their services to the industry in terms of both profit and reputation. There are people from pharmacy, microbiology, pharmacology, chemistry, botony and medicine field working in the pharmaceutical industry and it is been observed that when it comes to a specialised post than an M.Sc in that field is more opted than and M.pharm in chemistry, the reasons is either they feel that pharmacy students are jack of all master of none or probably they feel the M.Sc have more specific knowledge relevant to work. So its time to understand the the needs of Industry and then cater the same type of knowledge. Although, the sales industry has understood the worth of having B.pharm candidates for sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products as they are more aware to the physiology and drug pharmacology than any other science graduate. Now lets talk about the higher field in marketing department, earlier B.pharm or science students with some years of experience entered the industry with very minimal knowledge and understanding, those students didn't had enough idea of practical application of the subject, how to use the available resources within the industry to earn profits i.e. marketing strategy, since they didn't had enough of exposure before entering into the industry they don't know how to handle the issues arising in the industry. In this era of competition only having the bookish knowledge will not work but its application is also important. Taking for e.g. drug manufacturing is not the utmost priority but recourse handling also, we all know about recycling and reusing but then also only one out of ten will go out for the waste reduction activities. Adding to it environmental concern are also equally important, if we don't go for eco friendly ways then what's the need of having such a vast knowledge of drug compounding and manufacturing. There are certain issues which should be taken care of like sustainable development but if the personnel's are not that that much qualified the industry may land up in disaster. Another point is newer discoveries and invention, if the students are restricted to the theoritical knowledge they may never dare to experiment something new, unless and until you are innovative in your ideas you cannot go out for newer discoveries and this can happen only if you know the practical application of your knowledge Lets take an e.g. if Newton didn't have enquired that why did the apple fell he wouldn't have discovered the concept of gravity. Similarly Alexander Flemming, it was by chance he discovered the unwanted growth of the fungus penicillium notatum which helped in the development of various vaccines. So the gist is we need to get innovative in our ideas so that we can discover something new and afresh. One more concept is marketing of the product, once the drug has been formulated; problem arises in reaching its customers. If the customers aren't aware of the product then the drug is of no use, we need to make good product strategy with strong scientific support to attract the primary customer(Doctor). whicch again calls for good management skill and strong pharmaceutical knowledge. This led to the increase in demand of Pharm MBA students who are well verge with the drug actions and at the same time has good management skills to sell the product.

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Hi Sona its good even M. Sc an B. Sc chemistry students are entering into industry and increasing the competition. Even i heard that industries are interested towards them as they will work at less cost. But i wanted to know your impression regarding this? I don't think that this is correct as we are professionals are we are getting scarcity for jobs. And i don't think everyone can handle this interesting and tough area. and if the others can deal this, whats the need of keeping this course...! but i believe after entering the industry, its really talent shines, whoever it is.

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