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3rd International Conference on Drug Delivery @ PSG College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore, India

International Conference on Drug Delivery ICODD 2014 is an international event focusing on the current innovations in Drug Delivery Technology. The theme of the conference is "Innovations in Drug Delivery". The conference will provides a platform for all Pharmaceutical Scientists, Universities and research institutions, pharmaceutical industries to discuss and learn about the entire important international breakthrough Innovations in Drug Delivery Technology.

outstanding optional treatments for migraine in october 2010

Dear friends In this month we are going to discuss the newer aspects in treating migraine. Migraine and yogic sciences - spandana nunna migraine psychological treatment- p.vijaychand Ted talk-http://www.ted.com/talks/taylor_mali_what_teachers_make.html- Habibur rahman permeability studies- spandana nunna Biopharmaceutical aspects in preformulation - p.vijaychand

Smart Migraine Treatments in the month of September

Dear Friends

We are here !!!!!! to present some of the smart treatments for migraine management

Migraine Treatment - Life Style Management by P. Vijay Chand

Migraine Treatment - Alternative Therapies by Spandana Nunna

TED Talk - http://www.ted.com/talks/marc_koska_the_devastating_toll_of_syringe_reuse.html - Habibur Rahman

Preformulation - Regulatory Consideration - Habibur Rahman

Preformulation - Drug Like properties - Vijay Chand


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