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On Wednesday the world lost really a great man STEVE JOBS. The Apple Company has announced it. He is suffering from pancreatic cancer since 2004 and had liver transplantation in the year of 2009. He was born on Feb 24th 1955.(1)

He took a medical leave in the year of 2009. During this period he had a liver transplant and took another medical leave in January.His wife is Laurence and he has four children. (2)

Guys whenever I go to digital Shoppe I see people look at apple products with an awe and respect, especially macBook.

Steve saw so many up and downs in his career and he is an extraordinary man and his life is an inspiring lesson for everyone.

Ref 3

Steve along with his friend Stephen Wozniak (Woz) started his career. Apple II released in the 1977 is an advanced computer than any other during that period. He even started a project called Lisa (flop in the market) but he is thrown out of the project and then he started working of Macintosh, which had a success initially but gradually lost its market. After that apple declared that he has no interference with managerial responsibilities.

Then he bought a company from George which consists of engineers who are working to make animated films with the help of computers. Soon this became the famous Pixar.

Then he started company called Next, and when he tried to hire some engineers of the Mac project, apple threatened to start legal proceedings against him, because of which he left the company. Next computer didn't shine well and even the Pixar had no success. The agreement between Disney and Pixar was made and soon it was cancelled and then Steve had passed through the bad days in his career. And then the contract with Disney again came on to track and Toy story was released, which gave him huge profits than what he got in apple.

Coming to apple it lost its market and to compete windows Mac is not enough and so it got Steve's NEXTSTEP, with which he
entered apple again.

In 1997, the first quarter loss is $700millions and soon Jobs became the interim CEO. Within 6 months there is a success with the release of Power Mac G3 and the PowerBook. After the super hit of iMac (desktop) he became full time CEO. In 2001 the merging of Next and Mac took place and Mac OS X was released.

The revolution ipod was released in 2001. Following ipod mini and shuffle in 2004, nano in 2005, and in 2006 the money obtained from computer became equal to ipods. They announced the merging of the Pixar and Disney in january 2006. (3)

A brief story of Steve really shows that his life a lesson, gone through up and down and he is legend.

Great man.


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Author: Siva Mavuduru


Satyajeeth Pandey's picture

Siva we lost a great man everyone has to learn a lesson from him get inspired from him may his soul rest in peace

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Yes sir we can really get inspired by him.
Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

really hard to digest this thing....but such people's biographies must be inspiring paths to us........ we are proud of you sir!!!! pharmawarriors
Siva Mavuduru's picture

yes dear the whole world is proud of him and he is a legend
Sirisha Pingali's picture

Hello siva, I was deeply moved when i heard the news. May his soul rest in peace!!

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Yes sirisha the man who made revolution in the computers and operating systems what we are enjoying today is all because of him

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