Steps taken by various countries to prevent medication errors

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In my last blog I covered the introduction regarding the medication errors and here in this blog I would like to cover the measures that are undertaken by some countries to prevent the medication errors.


The United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) medication error reporting program (MERP) is an effective program in which the various professionals involved in the health care system can report the medication errors to the USP. The details of the person will be kept as a secret and any details regarding the mistakes in the prescription, wrong administration, mistakes that come because of the writing can be reported to the USP and then the USP will check the reports and will send the information to the Food and Drug Administration. Even USP had developed software called MedMARx. By this software the person can find the medication errors happening in their institutions and other institutions. The hospitals can check how well they are trying to prevent the medication errors. This software enables the hospitals to share how they prevented medication errors with others hospitals.

Internal programs are also there for the prevention of the medication errors which are better efficient than the former ones.


Institute of Safe Medication Practices is present in Canada which is established in the year of 2000. Before this system is developed, the hospitals used to check the medication errors. But there collection of these reports was missing and this system prevented that problem.

ISMP Canada, Canadian Institute for Health information and Health Canada- These bodies are has led to the foundation of Canadian Medication Reporting and Preventing system and is involved in the checking the medication errors and to avoiding them in the country.

Canadian Coalition on Medication Incident Reporting and Prevention System and various health care bodies-developed Medication error Reporting system. Admirable thing is 96 hospitals out 100 in Canada have medication incident reporting system.

It ISMP of Canada along with ISMP of USA developed Analyze ERR.


European Foundation for the Advancement of HealthCare Practitioners is developed by International Medication Safety Advisory Panel. This foundation is involved in the expanding the functions of the various professionals of the health care system. This is also involved in the guidance for the pharmaceutical companies for the change required in their medicines if these medicines leads to any adverse drug effects. It also conducts meeting for the various professionals involved in the health care system about the medication errors.

European Medication Error Reporting Program- this is involved in the collection of the reports regarding the medication errors from the various persons. Though this system does not ask the details about the patient but it will ask the information of the physician. The details are opened up only the permission is taken from the physician and until then they are kept as a secret.


In India the Pharmacovigilane system was developed. In India there are about 30 centers and support to these centers are given by the World Bank. /span>

Recently there is a wide development in the pharmacovigilance system. The staff of this
system is getting enough value and the staff is more involved in the patient safety. There is development of professionalism in the staff and the staff is directed to do research work in this field is also done. Good interactions are made between the staff of the system and the doctors.

Even there are drawbacks that this system has to overcome to become more efficient.
The reporting became a big challenge. Once after the meeting the staff will report and after some days they are stopping to report. Even the infrastructure in these systems is not good. Good internet accesses telephone systems, training to the staff are missing. And whenever the report is submitted checking with international scenario is missing. There is no proper feedback to the centers.


Medication errors are occurs in every health care system and the error is mainly because of the system where there is a plenty of the chance for the errors. But it's the responsibility of the every health carte individual involved in the prevention of these errors.

India is still need a better pharmacovigilance system.

Developed countries have various systems for the prevention of the medication errors. These systems are working well in many developed countries. And still there is a need of progress in case of India.


Medication error management around the globe, Isha Patel and R. Balkrishnan, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, sep-oct 2010; Volume 72, issue 5, Scientific publication of Indian Pharmaceutical association, page 539 to 544.

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Author: Siva Mavuduru


Sravani kompella's picture

Nice representation of the blog shiva..i think pharmacists will play a major role in this and so merely recruiting normal people in this pharmacovigilance department will not work and so care should also be taken while recruiting them...
Siva Mavuduru's picture

True Sravani A wise coordination has to be developed between the various individuals in the health system as medication errors are dangerous
Sirisha Pingali's picture

hi shiva.. Great blog!!! After the previous blog, this is a perfect continuation. Also, you've explained about the various steps taken in various countries. Good Going!!

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Dear sirisha Thanks for the appreciation your comments means a lot for me
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Siva Ganesh Excellent work. Good to see that India has developed some systems. But people try to hide things because they do not want incidents to happen in their clinics or hospitals. Well done. Vijaya Ratna
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you madam your comment gave a real boost for me madam
Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

really very perfect blog............. good capability and extreme interest in you will surely make u succeed in u r lifeeeee good going pharma warriors
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Sravya Thanks for your well wishes

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