Pituitary gland extract

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Here I am presenting a blog on the preparation of the pituitary extract

Pituitary gland has anterior and the posterior lobes and pars intermedia is present in between these two lobes. It is present in the median sagital plane and just at the base of the brain. The anterior lobe, which is derived from the roof of the mouth, secretes the growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormone, leutinizing hormone, adrenocorticotrophic hormone, thyrotrophin and prolactin. The posterior lobe has vasopressin and oxytocin and it is derived from brain.

Animals used: The ox (Bos taurus) pig and sheep can be used out of which the ox is the most preferred for the preparation of the extract.

Preparation: First of all kill the animal, break the skull and then remove the brain. We can find the gland in the sella turcica. As soon as removing the gland, freeze it. And we have to utilize it within 24hours. After removing, the two lobes are separated and are kept in the acetone. For the preparation in the form of powder take the gland from the acetone, make it into small pieces, keep it in the acetone, then powder it and with the help of the dessicator dry it. Now by using the soxhlet apparatus we can get the extract which is stored by using the phosphorus pentoxide.


Text book of Pharmacognosy by T. E. Wallis, fifth edition, Cbs publishers, page no528 to 529.

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