Pharmacist role chaged to an alrounder

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The pharmacist role has been changed from just merely compounding and selling drugs to key person in the health care system. Since the number of the medicines increasing day by day and people are not properly sticking to the medicines prescribed, the role of the pharmacist became very important.

WHO and FIP pubished a book named Developing pharmacy practice - A focus on patient care.In this book they covered good manufacturing practices, how to reach the pharmaceutical care and it is a book that can reach the new changes required from the pharmacy. In the pharmaceutical care there develops the association between the pharmacist and the patient and finally the patient can get complete and correct medication, Dr Hans who is WHO Director of Medicines Policy and Standards said that the pharmacist has a major role in the health care system rather than a simple seller of medicines.

According to the WHO/FIP seven-star concept, the pharmacist now is the researcher, the one who can take care, communicator, a person who can take decisions, teacher, leader and manager.

I feel this a right book that really signifies the importance of pharmacist. Pharmacist is the key person in the health care syste and I wish soon pharmacy will get enough importance and recogniztion in our country too.

Reference: (accessed on 26th july 2011, 13:00 hrs)

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Author: Siva Mavuduru


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Hello ganesh nice to see such a blog from a person like you!, a upcoming pharmacist!. All that you have texted here has been practiced from past in almost every country except india!, here the scenario is completely quite opposite to what we observe in other countries!. The diversification over there is from the primary level, its pacing up here!, but changes are not easily accepted in developing countries!, But its nice to see that at least initiation has been done!. Hope that at least the next generation enjoys the real fruits of pharmacy!.
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hi raja even i feel the same. what we can do is to hope for the best.
Subramanyam Paduchuri's picture

ya pharmacy practice is real job for pharmacist. but in India till now it is not developed


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Yes sir hope it will get developed soon

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