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Respected mentors and all my pharmainfo friends I feel it is my privilege to introduce myself to you. I am M. Siva Ganesh. I am pursuing B.Pharmacy III year in Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy. I am a resident of Visakhapatnam. . Pharmacy is my passion. And I love playing chess. Our journey to test: I am a regular visitor of this platform. As soon as seeing the notification of test, I went to Praveen sir and informed him. The very next minute we went to Satyajit sir for his approval. He approved without thinking as he is waiting to participate from last year(he is inspired by Vijayaratna madam). And when we thought of the 3rd member, for both of us, the only name stroke to our brains from the whole college is Sravya. Her qualities made it to happen. And then the journey started. My team: This is the most supportive team I can find from my college. Sravya is my good friend and we will have fun most of the time. I still remember II-2 preparation holidays. We used to go college on everyday to study; especially we used to concentrate on cognosy a lot along with other friend Lavanya. We have plenty of happy moments and I will share whenever it's possible with you. Praveen is my senior. He is a perfect man. He guides very well, especially the day before the exam. He is excellent at academics too. Satyajit sir. He is so sincere and dedicated at his work. I do remember the day he gave a lecture even he had severe fever in II-1. He will be very friendly. He is my favorite teacher. Last Saturday, I had lunch along with him, I can never forget that day. I will try to share about my co warriors whenever it is possible. A best friend: I came to know about this competition from Debasish Swain, my best friend, an idiot who thinks more about me than himself. He ignited me in my 1st year when I moving in a simple normal average student path. About Skillstest: Skillstest is a big challenge. Because it's a test for consistency knowledge and skills. It is not easy to maintain consistency all through the year. We need determination and hard work. One cannot see his back and Criticism shows it to him. So our drawbacks comes to our notice only with it. So I always welcome criticism(comments) from everyone. I am not having any negative feelings to ask any doubts. So if I get a doubt, even it is silly, I won't think to ask. My intension: I wish I can gain more and more knowledge from this platform. I will try my best to present blogs with useful information. I will try my best to give clear and relevant answers to comments. And I will work hard to make best use of this platform. A conclusion to this blog: I will work whole heartedly and dedicatedly to submit informative blogs and to give nice interaction. I am try my best to make justification to the name 'WARRIOR's. All the very best to the rest of the teams. Keep smiling?

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Author: Siva Mavuduru


Siriki Praveen Kumar's picture

hi shiva all the best hope you will give your best here


S. Praveen Kumar.

Pharma warriors

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you sir I wish I can get your support all through the year
Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

finally read your blog.waiting since yesterday.u rhardwork will surely pay you...good luck happy blogging regards
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Hope so and I will try my best to make best at everything
Rajav Ardhana's picture

Welcome to skill test - 2011.All the best for the competition.we are all waiting for your informative blogs.your way of blogging is very good.please carry on like this and share your knowledge with us.Thank you..
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Hi Raja I will continue it Thank you
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

I guess you are the only previous contestant of skills test 2010 back this year.. so you are ready to battle back again right!!! Good intention my dear friend... as I know you personally and at facebook, you had great passion and love towards the subject, I expect you to play long innings in this game of skills test consistently with great zeal right through the contest and learn many new things... Good luck my dear junior!!!
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Sir The guidance of people like always helping me to set my own path I am always thankful to you I will work hard to reach your expectations
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Siva, Nice start with well written blog. As organiser of website says always and I also believe "no question is silly" If you ask doubt it may clarified but if you will not do the same it will never clarified. So, I feel any doubt small or big one should talk it out no matter what other will think. You are getting clarification for your doubt as well as extra knowledge of different human nature who may think good or bad about you when you ask doubts.....double gain. I feel that you have capability to go till end of this journey if you work hard and try to give best of you. Best regards,
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Dear sir Most of the students this time are from M.Pharm and PhD So sometimes my doubts may seem silly for them. So mentioned that statement. I will give my best sir
Thanuja Bachala's picture

you explained nicely about the start of your blog and your team members.... i am enthusiastic to learn about pharmacy.... hope this platform makes it all.... welcome to the skills test and all the best....


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you thanuja I will try my best to present blogs in interesting way
Thanuja Bachala's picture

for skills 2011 contest...


SS Md Shafi's picture


shafi ..

Siva Mavuduru's picture

thank you wish you the same
ksarun03's picture

the game starts to discuss and share ideas. Hope will provide informative blogs to the learners all the best
with regards K.S.ARUN KUMAR
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you arun I will make sure myself before posting the blogs, that the blog contain useful information
vishnupriya.kaliki's picture

its very nice to welcome you and your team members ,as u told about them very much interestingly, defenitely i feel that with out criticism , there is no much better improvement in our performance , we heartily welcome all yours doubts and comments. i wish that you will gain much more knowledge in this platform ,thank you.


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you priya i will try to interact as much as i can on this platform

your introduction is very nice, imoressive.welcome to the competetion,i wish good luck


Asst Professor

Raos college of Pharamcy


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thanks for your appreciation
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Siva, When your team members are writing about you, I was excited to see your caliber on this platform and your introductory blog itself uncovered your skills. Your team members are sounding good! I wish your opinion on your best friend shines the same way. Say Hai to Debasish Swain I know your super senior Ganesh, joined in NIPER. When reading your blog I could remember him who is also having great passion in studies. Keep rocking dear. I got complete idea on your team as all of you has blogged. Good Luck dear.


ESWAR :-) 

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you Sir I will try my best to reach your expectations And I became a big fan of yours after seeing the organization of the quiz competition. Actually I thought of attending that competition, but I missed because of MC lab internal. Its too good that you are available in our region And i like Ganesh sir a lot, who is a perfect man Thank you once again sir
Sravani kompella's picture

Hai shiva, your words say ur interest and passion towards the are right that only consistent performance with good quality gives good results..wish you a good luck..
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you Sravani lets have a great interaction on this particular platform
Sirisha Pingali's picture

hi siva.. A warm welcome to skills test in this fall. Definitely you may have many doubts because you are in IIIrd yr. Not that exactly but the really core subjects of pharmacy will be dealt in the final year. We feel free to clear your unanswered questions in blogs.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Kirti V. Patel's picture

Dear Siva, Thanks for your comments and i wish you all the best. i am very impressed by the initiative that you have taken in convincing your mentors. criticism as you said should be taken in positive spirits and molded for betterment. i hope and pray that you justify the name WARRIORS Regards, Dr. Kirti Patel have a nice day Kirti V. Patel Anand Pharmacy College Prof. M.Pharm (pharmacology)

Kirti V. Patel Anand Pharmacy College Prof. M.Pharm (pharmacology)

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Mridula jayaraman's picture

hello welcome to skill test-2011 best of luck

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

Siva Mavuduru's picture

Thank you MRidula I wish you the same
Ayman Waddad's picture

Salam Dear, I do appreciate your courage and insistance as you are B. Pharm student. Wish you all the best. China CPU Challengers team member

Ayman Waddad

Ph.D Student

China Pharmaceutical University



Seema Meena's picture

all the very best to you and your team


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