life style drugs and their influence on Indian society

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Hi bloggers....

Here comes my first topic of this month Life style drugs and their impact on the society.

Whenever we see advertisements in the television we find many advertisements of the life style drugs.

A lady worries when she had sex without proper care and then she will get aware of the pil which she has to use within 72hours to prevent conception.

Advertisements on improving height. There is wide belief that height is important to do well in sports, selection of employment and to
attract the ooposite sex. So it's the reason for the need of the drugs that can improve the health. But how far those products work when the people cross their puberty? According to the Drugs and Magic remedies act no person can advertise that their product can increase the height and its punishable too.

Drugs are used for the wrinkle free skin too.

So let us go through what these drugs are and their influence on society.

Lets go through the briefly regarding the life style drugs and then we can further continue our discussion on their effect on the society.

Life style
drugs are the drugs which are used for non-medical problems. These are helpful in developing physical, mental and good looking characters. (1,2)

Here comes the classification of the drugs. (2)

1.Medicines that are used for the particular purpose which serve the lifestyle need too.

E.g. People use Sildenafil for the erectile dysfunction. And the same erectile dysfunction comes under the lifestyle requirement too.

2.Medicines that are used for some particular purpose and in addition can sevre other
lifestyle requirement too.

E.g. The clinical use of the Minoxidil is the hypertension. But it causes the growth of the hair and so it is used in the alopecia.

3.Drug that are not having any clinical use but can serve the lifestyle requirement.


4.Illegal drugs (mostly) and they do not have clinical use but can serve the lifestyle diseases.


5.Unregulated natural products.

e.g. Ascorbic acid.

In addition to the above drugs there are some drugs which are commonly used by the sportsmen to increase their capability. (2)

In case of the life style medicine, where there is a change in the lifestyle habits for the better health.

e.g. doing regular exercise in case of diabetes mellitus.

The market of the lifestyle drugs has been increasing enormously. This is because of the several reasons. There are advertisements regarding various drugs all the time of the TV. Disease mongering is the another problem (here what happens is a normal body disorder is shown as the medical problem, even the minor symptoms are considered as the major problems etc, which is being sponsored by the pharmacy companies in order to increase their market).(1)

Some of the life style critics worry that the problems that can be treated by the behavioral changes are being considered as the medical problems following diagnostician and treatment. Some section of the people may take that this is a development.

Indian Scenario:

80% of the Indians have to spend their own money for the health and there is no proper public health insurance plan to help for health. This may lead to poverty.

In India for now the lifestyle drugs are being used by the financially upper classes but this may extent to the other classes as the time proceeds.

Already Viagra is a huge success. The huge success of the lifestyle drugs is because of the media and pharmaceutical company's attitude.

Here In India there are 1.2billion youngsters. The advertisements that pretend that their particular product can develop the physical mental and sexual performance are threat on the fragile minds of the youngsters. (2)


So our drug licencers should not be influenced by the western countries. The drugs that are not advertised correctly are to be complained to the DCGI/FDA of their respective state. We have many problems like lack of proper education and proper health. So its better to concentrate on those.

And it's the time to raise the questions....

How far it is correct to consider the wide use of lifestyle drugs as development?

Should the government and insurance companies pay for the lifestyle drugs?

And finally what is the influence of the life style drugs on the society?


1.Life style drugs: Concept and Impact on Society by S.Z.Rahman, V.Guptha, Anupama
Sukhlecha, Y.Khunte, Indian Jounal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Scientific publication of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, july august 2010, 72(4); 409 to 413.

2. Rang and Dales Pharmacology by Rang, Dale, ritter, moore, churchill livingstone publishers,6th edition, page no 765 and 766

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Author: Siva Mavuduru


Sravani kompella's picture

A nice work Shiva.. But without advertising certain things how will people be aware of such drugs?? moreover a person cant go for a doctor to ask these things may be because of shy problem or anything else and the common media is television ..
Siva Mavuduru's picture

Hi Sravani Thank you for the comment. You are true. But i feel its up to some extent only. Advertisements are making the people aware. thats fine. but the story will not end there. for even the minor causes people start using pills. and this is further encouraged by industries in order to make market. and i feel it is better to approach a doctor rather than following medicines that are advertised in the tv. and i feel people shouldn't feel shy before doctors. its my opinion.
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear first of all new type of blog and you tried well for that I will appreciate you. With reference to life style drug, whatever quetions you raised at last are not completely true. How far it is correct to consider the wide use of lifestyle drugs as development? --it is individuals decision, whether to use or not that drugs because for these type of drugs, it is always 2nd natural way is present and person taking (most of the time)knows very well. So, still if any one want to take ...... e.g. regular excercise, proper sleep, taking more quantity of water, healthy organic food, fruits, peace of mind and so on....... Should the government and insurance companies pay for the lifestyle drugs? -- As you said life style drugs are used for not medical you can expect payment from govt and insurance companies. And finally what is the influence of the life style drugs on the society? ---for this question, I just wish to give you one example. condition 1) if you have mirror which is coated with dirt and feel you are looking bad but everyone says ur looking great, but still ur unsatisfied with urself.....who's fault? condition 2) if you clean that mirror and now ur confident about ur look, but everyone says ur looking so bad. In that case you should not care..... so, if anyone is not confident about oneself outside environment definately influence, but if it is another case no one can influence oneself....... Simple things not so difficult to understand, life style drugs definately show their effect on people of "condition 1". Now you have to decide. Questions are invited...for further discussion if ur not completely agree with me. Warm Regards,
Siva Mavuduru's picture

hi sir Its great to see you compliment. and the question i raised at the end is to take the individual opinions regarding the life style medicines. and the points which you are included in the first point comes under lifestyle medicine (I studied in the same journal). i don't think government should give their contribution for these medications. lifestyle drugs impact is slowly becoming dangerous i feel. the jokes about the sildenafil became often in the movies which has some negative impact on the society.
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Siva, I must say you try to collect more no. of reference so that you will have more clear idea about topics. Put some more hardwork it will definately help you in ur future life. As you are capable of doing I am suggesting you. keep it up... With kind regards,
Siva Mavuduru's picture

amol sir your suggestions means to me a lot i will definitely follow

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