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INDIA The Republic India's past is glorified. This land gave birth to several great people. But what about present? Everyone is proud to be an Indian. But how many Indians are responsible? Are the laws really working in our country? If yes, for how many people? They will act only for the middle class families. They won't apply for influenced people. In our country a cricketer has more importance then our soldiers. Cricketer will get more fame and money if they win a cup than a soldier, who sacrifices his life for the nation. In Andhra Pradesh............ Several agitations are going on. People have the right to express their wish. But what is the need of destructing the public property. And some great leaders are making agitation on farmers' problems, against hike in petrol rates, vegetables etc. But they are not even thinking about the same problem on the very next day. The only use is traffic jam and inconvenience to the public. One minister will make road show for nothing. He won't bother about the inconvenience caused because of him. There are 550+ engineering colleges and 250+ pharmacy colleges in AP. But how many colleges are providing quality education? Almost in all the government offices, negligence and bribery is common. Here everyone says that politicians have black money. But why ACB will not ride on those people? Whose mistake is this? Hope our generation will make this country into a powerful nation because this is OUR INDIA. I am not posting this blog to comment anyone. I am trying to share my thoughts. HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY JAI HIND

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Author: Siva Mavuduru


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HELLO SIVA, YES i agree with your points and ofcourse we can make our country into a powerful nation not only in armory but in every aspect if we tried hard and work hard . with regards ANKUR
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hi siva, very rightly described about the present scenario, but few things can't be changed by us. even if we are correct in our ways there will be many more to walk on the wrong path.
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Always Keep the nation proud!

Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chauhan http://www.pharmainfo.net/shikhachauhan/biography Lecturer (Pharmaceutics) Amity Institute of Pharmacy Amity University Noida Email: schauhan@amity.edu

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