Do you think this is correct…..??

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Hi friends..

Friday I went to Benguluru to drop my sister and I returned back today. I got the India Today last week and this week too.

I went through an article with the heading "NOT QUITE CIVIL" which described the government's behavior towards Anna Hazare and his team.

Government started to blame Hazare and his team as they are fighting against it for the lokpal bill.

Digvijay said they will treat Anna Hazare in the same way as they treated Baba Ramdev at Ramlila Maidan. Do you think this statement is acceptable...?

And the government made the Maharashtra Charity Commissioners Office to raid Hind Swaraj Trust which belongs to Hazare.

Kejriwala, civil society activist worked in the Indian Revenue Service. Some officers checked all the files of his tenure and found nothing wrong with them.

Digvijay and Janadhan Dwivedi started calling Anna Hazare as the "mask of RSS".

And do you think, doing lathi charge on Ramdev supporters especially women at Ramlela Maidan is correct...??


"Not Quite Civil" by Priya Sahgal and Shafi Rahman, India Today, July 4,2011, page no 30 and 39


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