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Hello everyone!! Until now, we read many types of vaccines like Polysaccharide, Conventional etc But there is a special class of vaccines known as Nucleic acid Vaccines. I found this topic quite interesting and thought to put in here. rDNA technology has overturned the field of vaccinology with the introduction of Nucleic acid vaccines. In this a Plasmid DNA or Messenger RNA encoding the desired antigen is directly administered into the vaccine. Later the story repeats :) -- Host cells--> expression of foreign protein--> Generates Immune response [1]. HOW IS THE PLASMID DNA PRODUCED??[1] Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is produced by the common method ie,.by replication in E.coli or other bacterial cells. The process is followed by Purification using density gradient centrifugation, Ion exchange Chromatography. HOW IS IT ADMINISTERED?[1] The Nucleic acid vaccines are usually administered via Intra muscular route (IM route). WHY IS THIS PREFERRED?[1] IM route is preferred probably due to * Low turnover rate * Prevents the plasmid DNA "from being dispersed rapidly in dividing cells" RECENT ADVANCES IN THIS REGARD??[1] Yes!! Needless Injection into "the skin of DNA coated gold nano particles via gene gun" was proposed. This technique requires 1000 fold times less DNA than the conventional IM Injection. mRNA is also commonly used but not as frequent as plasmid DNAs. RNA has got a unique vantage that it does not get incorporated into Host DNA. However it is less stable than plasmid DNAs. Reference: 1 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - An Introduction for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists, Edited by Daan J A Crommelin and Robert D Sindelar, 2nd Edition, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, Page no :272-274 THIS BLOG DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PLAGIARIZED MATERIAL


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Hi Sirisha Once again a good one from you Keep rocking blog is really excellent
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Thank you for the valuable comment siva!!

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