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Let me start with two stories ending on a similar note. People often say we should change according to time. Else we carry the "old cat" tag or tykes say its "generation gap". I don't define generation gap with regard to age but with time. But sometimes we find our goals or thinking ways similar to elders may be of decade's gap. 1990: Anjan Ray, a young scientist returns to India after finishing his PhD in US under the guidance of the famous Nobel Laureate Alan MacDiarmid in inorganic chemistry field. He has an excellent academic record, finishing his bachelor degree in Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. He didn't return home just for the sake of his elderly parents or his family. But because he remarked the growth of scientific engine in the homeland- India.[1] 2010: Another folk, Mr. Akshay Pandey wishes to come back to India after pursuing his Doctoral Program in the field of Biotechnology at University of Illinois, Chicago. [1] Noting the other side they are few people who are offering their services, submitting their acknowledgements in the fairy lands (abroad countries). Our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh (who holds a distinct credit of being one of the most learned Prime Ministers across the globe) quoted in 97th Indian Science Congress in January 2010 that India is at the back end in scientific progress due to "red tape, political interference and lack of proper recognition of good work". He also said his government focuses in supercharging the doctoral and post doctoral works and supporting research scholars. The government is also offering its helping hand in this regard.[1] Dr. MK Bhan, Secretary, Government of India, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology says "There is a lot of collaboration by global pharma giants, a variety of new institutions and new methods of funding" in India. Mutual tie ups like Ranbaxy- Daiichi Sankyo, Abott-Piramal Health Care systems etc are the best examples.[1] India is well positioned in this regard to play a key role in collaborations and it may take its charge as a leader among developing countries. The younger generation with their international experience needs to strive hard to achieve this endeavor. Source: Express Pharma Magazine, The Express Group, Feb 1-15, 2011. Page No : 38-39.

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Author: Sirisha Pingali


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Dear sirisha...... you are absolutely right... we indians are having passion of higher education.

shafi ..

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u r right ..


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Dear shafi and kalyan Thank you for the valuable comment!!

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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