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Hello everybody, As listed in the topics of the month, I'm here to discuss about GENOMICS. Entirely new scenario in science began with the invention of Microscope, later cell, Organelles and finally major landmark is the discovery of DNA. Better understanding of genetic information was started in 1953 with its discovery. In the last three decades, biotechnology has experienced various technological developments curbing cancers and other diseases. Yet the aetiology of many diseases remained unknown like heart diseases, obesity, diabetes etc. These diseases have found their roots in genetic and molecular levels. This is the main reason for evaluation of human genome. Thus the knowledge of DNA is merely not sufficient to encompass such disorders, A proper collection of genes, the functional and non functional sequences of DNA in the entire genome of an organism is yet to be ascertained- Human Genome Project (HGP). Thus genomics is the "comparative study of complete genome sequence and its function from different organisms". GENOMIC STRATEGY FOR NEW DRUG DISCOVERY AND INDIVIDUALIZED OPTIMIZED MEDICINE I. HUMAN GENOME SEQUENCE Identify a gene sequence II. FUNCTIONAL GENOMICS (& SINGLE NUCLEOTIDE POLYMORPHISMS) Identify gene function in disease of interest III. PROTEOMICS/ BIOINFORMATICS Identify gene product involved in disease IV. LIGAND DISCOVERY Identifying the molecules that bind to the protein target for disease of interest V. TARGET VALIDATION, LIGAND BIOASSAY, LIGAND OPTIMIZATION VI. NEW DRUG MOLECULE WITH NOVEL MOA. Structural Genomics carry out the genetic analysis considering the techniques of Polymerase Chain Reactions, DNA sequencing, Protein expression, Crystallography, Data Analysis. To unlock the secrets of human genome, the Human Genome Project was officially sanctioned in October 1990. TO BE CONTINUED THIS BLOG IS FREE OF PLAGIARISM Reference: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology - An Introduction for Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists, Edited by Daan J A Crommelin and Robert D Sindelar, 2nd Edition, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, Page no :133-134

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Hi dear The blog is nice and and waiting for the next one
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Does the terms proteomics and bioinformatics relate to same? What is the difference? Can you explain more about those branch of sciences

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