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Applications of Human Genome Project: 1. Better understanding of Polygenic disorders: The single gene disorders such as Cystic fibrosis, Sickle cell anemia are known. But many of the diseases such as Cancer, Hypertension are polygenic in nature. Sequencing of such genes helps us to better evaluate the disease giving more patient specific and friendly treatment. 2. Improvement in Gene Therapy: Genome sequencing helps in better provision of Gene therapy which is in its preliminary stage. This helps in effective treatment of genetic diseases. 3. Well elucidated Human genome sequence helps in improved diagnosis of many genetic disorders. 4. Development of Pharmacogenomics- Specialization in this field helps to know the individual genetic makeup thereby providing more personalized treatment. 5. Better cure of psychiatric disorders: Genes responsible for behavioral and psychiatric diseases can be better understood and treated. 6. An important application of HGP is better understanding of Mutations concept. 7. Better understanding of Developmental biology - Evolution from eggs to adults. 8. Human genome data also helps in development of Biotechnology in various spheres. THIS BLOG IS FREE OF PLAGIARISM. Ref: accessed on Oct 31st 2011.

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hi sirisha the 7th point seemed to be interesting. but how human genome projet is helpful to study evolution from egg to adults? good work
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Is this human genome project is being used to detect cancer like diseases at present???? m.sandhyasravya

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