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Hi friends here comes my first blog of the month on BIOTERRORISM. Let me brief you regarding several vital aspects in this context... First of all let us see what is BIOTERRORISM....? According to Centres for disease control BIOTERRORISM is "intentional or threatened use of bacteria or fungi toxins from living organisms to produce death in humans, animals and plants," and also involves "intimidation of nations or people to accomplish political or social ends."[1] BIOTERRORISM AGENTS:[1] In general sense these may be biological or chemical or nuclear agents. But here let us get involved into the study of biological agents. They include: Category A: Anthrax , Plague, Dengue, Small poxes, Botulism are included in this category because of their large-scale dissemination and adverse public health impact. Category B: Typhus, Brucellosis, Cholera etc are easily disseminated but have lesser mortality rate. Category C: This category includes the pathogenic microbes engineered for large scale dissemination and with high mortality rate. e.g: Multiple Drug Resistant Tuberculosis strains. BIOWEAPONS - HISTORY First incident of use of biowepons was recorded when the Assyrians employed the use of Rye ergot containing certain mycotoxins to poison the wells of their enemies...[1] Since then the use of these bioterrorism agents have gained importance. Recent uses include: * Use of anthrax during World War II by U.S, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, and the U.S.S.R....[2] * In 1984, Bhagwan to control the opposition during a local election poisoned Oregon salad bars with Salmonella typhimurium bacteria... * In the year 1991 Iraq threatened U.S troops in the Persian Gulf war after World War II... Beyond the above mentioned instances there are several other incidents which caused massive damage. PHARMACIST IN BIO-TERRORISM: [1] As defined pharmacist is the person who is in direct contact with the public and can readily communicate with them. So they play a very vital role in control of the bioterrorism. Role of a pharmacist include duties like surveillance, information, distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, patient education and counselling, administration of vaccines, evaluation, community planning and preparation etc. Beyond all these PERT (Pharmacy Emergency Response Team) plays an important role in control of this evil. Hence a good pharmacist should in all-ways be determined to kill this evil practice. REFERENCES: [1]. PHARMA BUZZ, AN ASSEMBLAGE OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESOURSES, A NATIONAL PHARMA MONTHLY MAGAZINE, OCTOBER 2010, VOLUME 5, ISSUE 10. [2] as on at 10:00pm 23-09-2011 "THIS BLOG DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY PLAGIARISED MATERIAL"

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Praveen Nice topic with good explanation. keep moving

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

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thank you sir....


S. Praveen Kumar.

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