Team Glory is back..... Topics for the month of March!!!

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Dear Bloggers!! It gives me immense pleasure to announce the topics for the month of March on the behalf of Team Glory. 1. Shikha Chauhan (Myself) (1) Validation: Part I (2) Validation : Part II 2. Ankur Sood (a) Mechanism of Antibacterial Agents- Sulfonamides. (b) Inventory Control 3. Amol Dhiman (a) Drug Store Management. (b) Opiod Analgesics:- Brief Review Due to some unavoidable and unprecedented circumstances , last time it happened we were not able to post blogs timely.... It is rightly said" The time gone, is gone forever. and now we have realized this fact and are ready to meet all the challenges of the contest. I wish all the teams BEST OF LUCK Happy Blogging !!!

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Author: Shikha Chauhan


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Thanks a lot mam for your kind hearted wishes. Definitely mam now we will try to work hard in all the circumstances and will not let u go down. With regards Amol Dhiman Team GLORY

Amol Dhiaman

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hi.. good topics mam..

shafi ..

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dear mam, you have selected a good topics to be presented for this month. actually not only your team even we have faced the same problem. even we have decided to post the topics on the time. i wish you happy blogging.
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Hello madam Good topics!!! Hope you'll prove the talent this time in posting at the right time. Awaiting for your blogs.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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i wish you all the very best for the upcoming blogs....... thanku PHARMAWARRIORS
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Best wishes to you also from TEAM GLORY.

Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chauhan Lecturer (Pharmaceutics) Amity Institute of Pharmacy Amity University Noida Email:


We are waiting for your blog regards brief review on opioid analgesics,I think it may clarify my doubts regarding the opioid analgesics. ALL THE BEST MAM. PHARMABLOGGERS


Asst Professor

Raos college of Pharamcy


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I hope we meet up your expections!! In case you feel any doubt or query about Opiod Analgesics, feel free to contact... Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chuahan Team Glory

Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chauhan Lecturer (Pharmaceutics) Amity Institute of Pharmacy Amity University Noida Email:

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