Causes Of diabetes:

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Causes Of diabetes:

As we read before diabetes is due to defects in the metabolism. After the food which we consumed is digested it enters into the blood stream. This glucose is utilized for the growth and as an energy source by the cells. Insulin which is secreted by pancreas is released in required quantity after eating. Insulin helps in the movement of glucose into the cells which results in lowering the blood glucose levels. So in the absence of insulin glucose cannot enter into the cells.1

Let us discuss the causes based on the various types of diabetes: 2

1).Type-1 diabetes:

Here the body immune system destroys the cells which are present in pancreas that produces insulin so it is believed to be auto immune disease.

Causes for the type 1 diabetes can be following:

1. Genetic hereditary is the most common cause for the type 1 diabetes.

2. It is most commonly seen in the people belonging to Northern European descent (More likely in Sardinia and Finland), non-Hispanic, Hispanic Americans, African Americans and also seen in Asians.

3. It is more common in men rather than women.

4. It is also caused by the varied environmental conditions which can be even viral infections.

2).Type-2 diabetes:

It can be caused by:

1. Genetic makeup

2. Several misleading genes

3. High contents of triglyceride levels in the blood

4. High intake of fat containing diet

5. Intake of high levels of alcohol

6. Increase in blood pressure

7. Obese individuals are also prone to diabetes

8. People belong to certain groups such as Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Japanese Americans and African Americans are more prone to diabetes than non-Hispanic Whites.
9. Sedentary life style

10. Giving birth to a baby weighing more than nine pounds.

11. Risk of diabetes increases at the age of 45 and it increases significantly after reaching the age of 56.

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Author: Shanthi Priya


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Nice work by u wheather both type1&type2 can cause by genetic factors
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Hi Shanti Priya, How does giving birth to a baby who weighs more than 9 pounds be a reason for the occurrence of diabetes?


Uma Prathyusha

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Dear shantipriya, Nice information put up by you regarding diabetes. Jus tell me can any way diabetes be cause without any family history by just food habits? Regards,


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Dear Shanu, The article was nice but need more ground work.
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nice information

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