A New Beginning

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Skills test is like new beginning to my education. It has
given me a taste of knowledge that has to be explored by students. The
knowledge, skills and the experience that I have gained through my participation
here paved a way to successful career. I feel privileged to be a part of the
team innovators which has given me an opportunity to work as a team. The
immense support given by my friends made my job easier. It was while taking
part in this competition that I realized the importance of time management.

Skills test taught me to think independently, apply my
creativity to my ideas and convey the message to the readers in a right tone.
It was the first biggest challenge of life which has prepared me to face much
bigger challenges. Skills test 2010 might have come to an end but this starts
the beginning of my career. I congratulate pharmainfo which came out with such
a great idea to uplift the image of pharmacy.

I am grateful to our team leader who had supported us
throughout the journey and stood by us during tough times.

I would like to thank
my team mates as well as other teams for their support.

We will miss this platform which has become a part of our
life for one year.

I would like
to apologise for the delay in posting my blog.

The hectic schedule of our semester exams kept us away from this platform for a



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