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Supercritical fluid chromatography is a chromatographic technique that uses supercritical fluids as the mobile phase It has few advantages over gas chromagraphy that is gas chromatography is suitable only for volatile solvents as mobile phase.

Solubility with the capability to use nonselect gas phase detector is the major advantage of supercritical fluid chromatography(SFC).

By changing the pressure the solvating power can be adjusted . Above the critical temperature and critical pressure point ,no phase change takes place , the substance acts as a supercritical fluid . SCF is a fuid obtained by heating above the critical temperature and compressing above the critical pressure. SC fluid described by the term compressed pressure. the density of the SC fluid increases as the pressure in system increases ,thus its solvating power increases. CO2 is the mobile phase which is mostly used . a modified fluid which is completely miscible organic solvent with CO2 is known as second fluid. The analyte which is only soluble in aqueous phase is a poor candidate for the SFC.

Advantages :

Separation of analytes from solvents is fast and easy.

SFC have solvating power similar to liquid organic solvents.

Polarity can be changed by adding modifiers to a SCF (like methanol to CO2 )

Disposal costs are very less, Supercritical fluids are cheap, simple, safe. (1,2)



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Author: SS Md Shafi

At CSIR -I.I.C.T. ( CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology- Hyderabad ) I have
completed the Research project entitled "Soft Chemical Approach for the Synthesis of
Various Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, Characterization and their Invitro Cytotoxicity
Assessment tests in Human Hepatocytes, Human Neural Stem Cells" during the
academic year 2013- 2014.

Second author for 5 (fIVE) Research papers from CSIR -I.I.C.T. ( CSIR- Indian
Institute of Chemical Technology- Hyderabad .) in Metal oxide nano-particles
synthesis and Characterization and first author for other one paper.
? 6 th ( Sixth) rank in National Level Pharmaceutical Talent Search Examination -
2010 (NLPTSE -2010) Jr. Level. Conducted by pharma helpline society(online).
??Awarded Gold Medal by honourable Minister (for Lift Irrigation, A.P.), Mr. M.
Mareppa for obtaining highest percentage (89.87 %) in S.S.C. among the government
Social welfare boys hostels in Kurnool district ,A.P., on the Independence day, August
15, 2004.
??Received scholarship of Rs. 1250 per month from website
for a period of one year.
??Won 2nd ( Second) prize in the "Online International Group discussion on Drug
Discovery and Indian Pharmaceutical Industry" conducted by i365 with pharmindia
??Won first prize in PPPC-04 Contest conducted by for the topic


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hii shafi a nice blog by you ... Can you plzz explain me this line in your blog. " Solubility with the capability to use nonselect gas phase detector is the major advantage of supercritical fluid chromatography(SFC)."
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shafi ..

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