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Job Title: 
Regulatory Affairs
My accomplishments: 
Second author for 5 (five) Research papers from CSIR -I.I.C.T. ( CSIR- Indian Institute of Chemical Technology- Hyderabad .) in Metal oxide nano-particles synthesis and Characterization and first author for other one paper.  6 th ( Sixth) rank in Nation
Degree(s) awarded: 
M.Pharmacy (Analysis & QA)
College(s) Studied: 
RCP, (A.U.) , CSIR- I.I.C.T.-Hyderabad ,SDIP - Rangareddy

1.Soft Chemical Approach for the Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Fe3AlO6Nanopowder and Assessment of Its Cytotoxicity in Human Neural Stem Cells, j.Bionanoscience, 9,135-140 (2015).

2.Soft Chemical Approach for the Synthesis and Characterization of Antimony Oxide
Nanopowder , Advanced Science. Letters. 20, 1654-1657 (2014).

3. Facile Synthesis of ZnO Nanosheets with Controlled Functional Properties via
Soft-Chemical Process, Mater. Focus 3, 341-344 (2014).
4. Low-Temperature Growth and Properties of NiO Nano Sheets Decorated with Small
NiO Nano Rods via Soft Chemical Process , Mater. Focus 3, 378-381 (2014)
5. Soft Chemical Process for Synthesis of CdO Nanoparticles,
Mater. Focus 3, 397-400 (2014)
Review Paper:
1. Nanomedicine and Use of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems : A Novel
Approach. ", Ijrpbsonline, 2( 3) ,926-929 (2011) .


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