Nanotechnology part 2

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NANO TECHNOLOGY is defined as capability to manipulate ,control , assemble,produce and manufacture things at atomic precision.-RICHARD FENYMAN,Nobel prize in physics.1965. He invited the world to an exciting new field of physics when he said: "There's
Plenty of Room at the Bottom"


Since ancient times,the weapons that are made by using nano particles had been used and gradually technological evolution took place later.(2)

a Nobel Laureate named robert f curl stated that "right from the 18th Century on wards, Indians have been using nanotechnology, and the sword of king Tipu Sultan is one of the example of it. This sword is made wootz steel, which was full of carbon nanotubes..(3)

Applications of nano technology:

Information Technology

These nano particles are used in, faster smaller,, more energy efficient and powerful computing and other IT-based systems(4)


More efficient and cost effective technologies for energy production in (4)Solar cells,Fuel cells,Batteries,Bio fuels(4)


Cancer treatment

Bone treatment

Drug delivery

Appetite control

Drug development

Medical tools

Diagnostic tests


Consumer goods(5)

Foods and beverages

Appliances and textiles

Stain proof, water proof and wrinkle
free textiles

Household and cosmetics

Self-cleaning and scratch free products,
paints, and better cosmetics

Science and technology continues to move forward in making the fabrication of micro or nanodevices and systems possible for a variety of industrial, consumer, and biomedical applications.(6)

Nanoelectronics can also be used to build computer memory using individual molecules or nanotubes in order to store bits of information, molecular switches, molecular or nanotube transistors, nanotube integrated circuits, nanotube flat-panel displays, fast logic gates, switches, nanoscopic lasers, and nanotubes as electrodes in fuel cells.(6)

BioMEMS are increasingly used in commercial and defense applications.

They are used for chemical and biochemical analyses in medical diagnostics field (e.g., DNA, RNA, proteins ,cells, blood pressure, and toxin identification and in assays also in the procedures of tissue engineering and pharmaceutical drug
delivery aspects.(7)

Biosensors, also referred to as biochips,and they deal with liquids and gases.

Tumor targeting process by using nano particulate delivery systems.The rationale of using nanoparticles for tumor targeting is based upon the

1) nanoparticles will able to deliver a concentrate dose of drug in the vicinity of the tumour targets via the enhanced permeability and retention effect or active targeting by ligands on the surface of nanoparticle.

2) nanoparticles will decrease
the drug exposure of health tissues by limiting drug distribution to target organ.(7)

O Nano particles are used for drug delivery to
the brain,targeting of nano particles to epithelial cells of GIT(8)

O for gene delivery,

O oral delivery of peptides and proteins(8)

Nano particles possess a better stability when compared to that of liposomes.this property is used for targeting purpose.

It is used for ophthalmic drug delivery systems .(8)

Also used in the application of magnetic nano particles


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