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Category: Opioid Analgesic to relieve moderate to severe pain
Available brands: BUPRIGESIC (Amp) , PENTEROL (Inj), TIDGESIC (SL-Tab)

Information to Pharmacist:

1.Avoid using this in children under 2 years of age.
2.It is contraindicated in acute alcoholism, head injuries, respiratory
depression and obstructive airway disease.
3.Enhances CNS depression when taken with tranquilizers, anxiolytics,
hypnotics, antipsychotics, etc..
4.Check out whether the patient is pregnant or planning to be pregnant
or breast feeding.

5.Sublingual Tablets:
Adult: 200-400 mcg every 6-8 hrs.
Children above 6 yrs: 16-25 Kg= 100mcg, 25- 37.5 Kg= 100-200 mcg, 37.5-
50 Kg= 200-300 mcg to be given for every 6-8 hrs.
Adult: 300-600 mcg IM or IV for every 6-8 hrs.
Children above 6 years: 3-6 mcg/ kg every 6-8 hrs.

Information to Patient:

1.Use Buphenorphine as directed by the doctor.
2.Store Buphenorphine as directed by pharmacist.
3.If you miss a dose use it as soon as possible, avoid the missed dose
it is time for next dose. Don't use two doses at once.
4.If the vial or ampoule is damaged or it contains particles or
discolored don't use it.
5.Tell your doctor if there is any allergic reaction.
6.Avoid drinking alcohol.
7.Avoid driving, operating machinery after taking this medicine.


1.Advice for the patient: Drug information in lay language; USP DI;
1995,15th edition; pg: 1176-1181 [access date: 30thSeptember, 2010]
2.http://www.drugs.com/cdi/buprenorphine.html [access date:
30thSeptember, 2010]
3. CIIMS July- Oct 2009 Edition pg no: 174

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Dear Santosh, Very informative and precise and clearly explained but can you tell me if any side-effects are present and if so, what are those and how can they be avoided? Are there any incompatibilities with it?


Uma Prathyusha

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Santosh, It was well put up by you.Do give a note of the adverse effects of the drug. Regards,


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