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In the last blog I had mentioned that we are participating in an anti-diabetic campaign giving patient counseling to diabetic patients. As a part of this campaign, we had prepared a leaflet with expert's advice; containing advice on diabetic diet and diabetic care; we are explaining the text in local language (Telugu) and distributing them. In this page I would like to share some of the
points which we are giving to the patients at King George Hospital on every Thursday.

Dos for Diabetics:-
*Maintain good control over blood glucose levels.
*Check your eyes, feet and kidneys, once in an year, as they are the main organs to be affected by high blood glucose levels.
*Continue taking insulin and other medicines as prescribed by the Doctor.
*Check your blood lipid levels and blood pressure at regular intervals.
*Always carry sugar/sweet candy in your pocket if taking medicines for Diabetes as they may lower blood glucose levels.
*Please check the lowering of blood glucose levels by knowing the symptoms like extreme weakness and numbness in the hands.
*Maintain a constant physical activity everyday as advised by the Doctor.
*Exercise in the morning is good as it raises your body activity level and this will result in more burning of the calories throughout the day.
*Inform your Doctor about any herbal or any other medicines you may be consuming.
*Always consult your Doctor in case of any doubts regarding eating habits, exercise and medication.
*Your Doctor is your "Best Guide and Judge".

Activities: Calorie consumption per minute
*Cleaning utensils, sweeping house, gardening, painting (2-5 calories).
* Brisk walk, climbing steps, cycling, playing outdoor games (5-10 calories).

Don'ts for Diabetics:
*Avoid taking tobacco and alcohol.
*Do not miss the daily dose.
*Eating sweets and taking more medicines to lower blood glucose levels should be avoided.
*Do not over exercise in such a way that there may be a sudden fall of blood glucose levels.
*Misconceptions regarding the cure of Diabetes should be avoided to keep away complications.
*Avoid overeating.
*Avoid fasting and feasting.

In the picture some of my friends counselling diabetic patients at KGH.

We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Mythili, M.D.DM Endocrinologist for her advice and support for the leaflet pages.

1. http://diabetesinformationhub.com/DiabetesDiet.php (Accessed on 24th August 2010)

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Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Santosh Material you presented is good. But presentation can be better. Why is each sentence coming as one half line and one full line? It is not giving easy reading. You must mention Dr. Mythili's name in acknowledgement as we have taken her guidance in preparing this pamplet. Vijaya Ratna
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Dear Ma'am I think now it is readable and acknowledgement is added....
kranthi kumar's picture

Santosh, The pictures are fascinating and gorgeous, keep up the good work.
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Thank you Kranthi for your feed back;-)
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear sir, very happy to see those pics and i wish we would also take part in such activites very soon.






Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Good! It shows your commitment towards patient care.... Good luck.
P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Santosh, Its very nice to see that work that is being cariied out by u and your friends.Thats a real appreciable and a perfect pharmacist job. Regards,


Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Yes, we are enjoying our work.. Thank you...
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Santosh nice way of putting information. I like it. but why you repeated the same things again what is already written in pamplet. Regards,
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Dear Sir, My intension of typing of entire text again is that I felt the image text is some what blurred and difficult to read it so I retyped it...

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