Birth of Pharm D course at Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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"Start of a new era in the history of Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences"

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On June 27, 2010::
Andhra University and King George Hospital entered into an MoU. This MoU may be called HISTORIC, because this is an agreement between two great, well established institutions, that is aimed at opening a new era in education.
Highlight of the MOU:

Students admitted under Pharm D course in AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences will have clinical sessions from second year onwards and one year internship during their final year at King George Hospital.

On July 21st, 2010:
The mission started, i.e.. Pharmacy Practice Services started, as Drug Information Centre was opened at King George Hospital by the Superintendent of King George Hospital.

Medical Staff of King George Hospital, Professors, scholars and students of Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences attended the inaugural function.

At the beginning, professor, Prof. J. Vijaya ratna madam, gave a presentation on the success story of the launch of the course, and thanked all the medical fraternity who made the vision possible; explained in detail the plan of the activities under pharmacy services which are going to be conducted. I request the readers to follow the video for the full lecture.

Dr. G. Santha Rao, superintendent of King George hospital addressed the gathering and extended his full support to the conduct of the course. He emphasized on the need to give authentic and unbiased information to the patients with utmost love and affection towards service. I request the readers to follow the video for the full speech.

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Prof. T. Satyanarayana, principal of AU college of Pharmaceutical Sciences, expressed his gratitude to the support extended by Dr. Santha Rao. He assured that there would be greater prosperity of the association between KGH and Andhra University. I request the readers to follow the video for the full speech.

Prof. K.P.R. Chowdary, Chairman Board of Studies, and senior faculty, in his speech stated that now, 'we had entered in a new era', and also said that our's is the first government university to start the Pharm D; finally he thanked the doctors in KGH for their untiring efforts. I request the readers to follow the video for the full speech.

Dr. K. Eswar Kumar, Assistant professor, AU College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, finally proposed the vote of thanks to the gathering.

As part of pharmacy practice services, we the final year B. Pharm students and M.Pharm (Pharmacology) students have taken up the task of patient counseling, in KGH, once in a week i.e. on every Thursday, to actively involve in Anti- Diabetic campaign. Our objective is to provide drug information services to medical fraternity and to patients. We are interacting with patients, particularly diabetic patients, and explaining to them about the nutritional requirements to be taken, analyzing height and weights, hip waist diameter ratio. We are also sharing with them the medication administration and dosing frequency with pre and post prondial advice on the basis of literature available in the leaflets provided to us under the supervision of our Vijaya Ratna madam and Eswar Kumar sir.

We were extremely happy and enthusiastic to take part in these activities as we are exposing ourselves to the sufferings and needs of society, at the same time we are enjoying the sweats of nobility of profession i.e.. Service to Mankind, so I take this opportunity to thank our Vijaya ratna madam for involving us in such a noble activity. We also promise you madam to make your vision possible.

Some of the pictures at DIC:

Finally, a new era of clinical pharmacy originated in the Andhra University, due to the efforts of many people, on behalf of student community I thank all those people who directly or indirectly involved in the birth of this new course PHARM D and request the young students to understand the need of pharmacy practice services to the global health care sector also to explore new opportunities in this arena.

In my next blog, I would discuss about our activities of the anti- diabetic campaign.

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Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Santosh, Really Good to see all snaps. it will definitely gives new dimension to pharmacy. regards,
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Amol Sir, This is definalety a new paradigm in health care sector as a whole. Thanks to the stupendious efforts of all the great personnel involved.
Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Santosh I congratulate you on the great technical skills you have shown in achieving this wonderful blog. It must have taken a lot of time, energy, effort and patience. But you have managed to wonderfully showcase the activities of your college and the importance of Pharmacy practise services. Well done! Vijaya Ratna
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Dear Ma'am, The efforts and the homework done to bring out this blog cannot be equated to your efforts in bringing the clinical pharmacy to our campus. We all must congratule your efforts.
V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Dear sir, Really very happy to know this..... Though we are unable to take part in that but very happy to see all snaps and video. Thanks for sharing wit us. Regards,






Santosh kumar. JH's picture

We learned a lot from the words of great visionaries who attended the function, with an intention of sharing them to this community. I made this attempt. Anyhow, thanks for your feedback-:)
Dixon Thomas's picture

Congratulations. Wonderful movements to include big players. The quality of Pharmacists should be high to maintain homeostasis in medical practice. Your computer skills are good for future. Best regards,

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


Santosh kumar. JH's picture

We are maintaning the standards of the profession by involving in our activities in a highly dignified and professional fashion to met the standards. Thank you for your feedback sir:-)
Siriki Praveen Kumar's picture

Hi Santosh, You have done really good job to let the pharmacy students all around know about the clinical practice and health care programs organised in your campus. Moreover, your computer skills are evident from your blog.


S. Praveen Kumar.

Pharma warriors

Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Thank You praveen for your appreciation! keep commenting;-)
Mrudula Boyapati's picture

let this new era turn into GOLDEN era....... Hope all the pharmacy students will agnise the value of clinical pharmacy I am really happy to be part of this institution which took the inaugral and illustrious step regards MRUDULA
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Yes, we must be proud to be a part of great insitution like Andhra University which is said to be the 'initiator of any new courses'...
Niklesh Rao V's picture

Wow! simply wow! I know it takes a lot of effort to create such a blog my friend. First of all congratulations on that. And the fact that you have highlighted about the PharmD program is very good. I hope all the aspiring students take note of this blog and take more interest in the program. Keep it up dude!

Regards, Niklesh Rao V

Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Thanks for all the appreciation. Hopefully this blog will inspire that those aspirants who are interested in clinical pharmacy.
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Hero, The news is very happy to me. As an alumni of Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, I feel cherished to know the news. And particularly you made the news available to all of us in a clear way even though we are at various places. I thank you for using the computer skills in Pharmacy. Keep it up and will be waiting for more such interesting blogs. GOOD LUCK.


ESWAR :-) 

Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Thank you sir for your good words to my home work... Keep sending your words....

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